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Saturday February 22, 2020

Tourism in the city of Marken

Within a century a lot of things had changed in the city of Marken. Marken joined the northern Netherlands in 1957, after the construction of the Afsluitdijk dam, which led to the end of the fishing trade in the city of Marken as a result of the construction of the dam, and despite all this transformation, it maintained Marken on her traditions.

Tourism in the city of Marken means visiting the wonderful wooden houses on stilts, which were inhabited by fishermen in the past, and used in old professions, and the Church of Kirk Kirk, and other attractions, if you want to take a free tour inside the city of Marken, you can take a guided tour in the Traditional marquin costume embroidered with bright colors.

Walk in Marquin

Once you reach Marken, you will be ready to see as much as possible on foot, from the countryside harbor to the interior filled with waterways, and if you want to take a look at the entire coast, you can do that by strolling 9 kilometers.

Along the dam, Rondmarken also provides hour-round tours, divided into groups of up to 25 people, and to make the tour very distinctive, they are presented by tour guides, dressed in the city’s local uniform, a chest-embroidered fabric with striped sleeves, A lace cap is called kraplap, and you would have discovered a lot of detail that you would not have heard of the city, had you not taken the tour. [1]

Wooden shoe factory

The wooden shoe factory is one of the favorite stores in the city of Marken, which is a wooden clogs workshop and a souvenir shop, and wood clogs machines powered by a steam engine, dating back to 1913 AD, are still present in the factory, which adds to the experience of visiting the city of Marken back to the ancient time.

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Enjoy the factory tour with specialized guides who speak multiple languages, and have a sense of humor, which makes your tour with them distinctive and interesting. Traditional wooden clogs are made in marquin, painted in brown, with red or pink roses and large dark green leaves, you can enjoy the experience of buying a pair of clogs and know Your special size, for an interesting journey. [2]

Cool Lighthouse Van Marken

One of the most beautiful magical panoramic scenes in the city of Marken, the sight of the lighthouse, which is located off the east coast, and dates back to the year 1839 AD, located at the end of a small grassy road, and still a cold lighthouse, Marken (Marken Horse) is used as a sign so far.

For your information, it is not the first lighthouse on that site, but that in the year 1700 AD, there was a network of lights used for the same purpose on the road from the Wadden Sea to Amsterdam.

The lighthouse itself is closed, but there are seats that you can relax on, and enjoy the spectacular natural scenery and sunset, and you cannot miss enjoying it especially in the cold winter when the lighthouse is isolated between floating ice. [3]

Memorial flood

It is difficult to imagine today what was going on in the past. Had it not been for the construction of the Afsluitdijk Dam in the early 1930s, the city of Marken was at the mercy of the North Sea, which was causing continuous damage to the city.

The last major catastrophe that struck the island was the floods caused by the storm that coincided with the high tide in 1916, killing 16 residents of the island, and many people became homeless, and those floods accelerated planning for the construction of the Afsluitdijk Dam, which It made Marken safe, but of course it also ended the local fishing industry overnight.

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At the entrance to the port there is a memorial to the flooding memorial, which was unveiled in 1916 AD, to celebrate the centenary known as (the wave), and it was designed with a base carved with drawings to enable you to examine the events of what was in the past.

Flood walkway

You start and end at the Marquin Museum, and there is a walking path around the city of Marquin, reminding you of the devastation caused by the flooding of the city at night between 13 and 14 January 1916 AD, and the walkway leads you to some parts of the former island, which also happens to be the worst affected by the floods, and there are paintings along The walkway contains important information about everything related to the destruction that occurred as a result of this flood.

Groot Kirk Church

It is the new Renaissance Church on the island, but it is not particularly old, so it dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and it is well organized, so inside it deserves to be visited, there are many church monuments and church installations, so the beginning of the pulpit has six aspects, incubator, and church chandeliers, which All manufactured in the 17th century.

The date of manufacture of the copper baptism line in the church dates back to the eighteenth century, while hanging from the ceiling from several models of traditional ships dating back to 1959 AD, and a crane (sailing ship) hanging from the ceiling dating back to 1957 AD, and a device to withdraw steam from World War II, and more Interesting of all, fish statues dating back to the years 1600 and 1890 CE.

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Path and rack Werf Trail

The city of Marken is annexed to the Dutch North by a long-distance path network, which is a system of paths with interconnected links or nodes, including the Werf Trail track and path, and the path is a seven-kilometer circular path, starting from the ninth node and taking 35, 36 and 34 33 and 37.

The reason for constructing this path in particular is knowing a certain aspect of the city’s Marquin landscape. Given the constant flood risk posed by Zuiderzee, people have built small villages on huts known as werfs, built using compost, grass or even compressed household waste.

These hills are still intact, and you can enjoy watching these homes along the path. Moeniswerf, Rozenwerf, Grote werf and Witte werf are on this path.

Volendam Marken Express

The city of Marken joined the mainland with a dam that opened in 1957, and you can reach it by taking the N18 over Markermeer, for a few kilometers from Monnickendam, but the most romantic and enjoyable way is to connect to the port by ferry from Volendam, which has a year-round service, Every 30 minutes.

In the high season, between March and November, there is departures every 30-45 minutes, from 09:00 to 19:00, and the only exception is if there is a lot of ice in Markermeer, as happened last time in March 2018, All Volendam Marken Express phrases include a bar for drinks and a snack bar, while the open top deck is the bliss of a warm summer day.

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