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Tourism in Tangier

Tangier is located in the northwest of Morocco, on the Moroccan coast at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, and it is a major city in a prime location where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean opposite Ras Spartel, which is the capital of Tangier, the Tetouan region of Al Hoceima, as well as the authentic Tangier province in Morocco and is famous for its tourism potential. .

Tangier is an interesting mix of African and European influences, as with many cities in Morocco there is an old city and a new town, and it has great tourist destinations.

About the city of Tangier

This historic city has a rich history and multicultural activity, it is a busy city that can be full of noise around the edges at times, and it is a place that is very popular with tourists and travelers because of its diversity.

The most famous places of tourism in Tangier

The American Museum

A museum is an interesting place for visitors and citizens to know the history between Morocco and the United States. To get to this museum, you have to pay a small fee and it may be difficult to locate this place, and it will be a great opportunity to take pictures near one of the paintings on the walls and cover them.


Locals view this place as a source of pride and honor, claiming that its opening is where the cave meets the sea in the shape of Africa, and the cave carving area will be interesting to visitors there and inside that cave you will see things you may never see.

Tanja city

It is an amazing city that includes amazing people, delicious food and rich culture, and it is a wonderful mixture of Andalusian, Moroccan, colonial and Moroccan architecture, all of which are full of each other, where you can shop without fear or hassles like other ancient cities in Morocco, and there is a group of cafe as you can see the sea .

City of Cap Spartel

It is a high ground in the sea, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea on three sides, about 1000 feet above sea level, and this ideal location gives this city its tourist attraction, and the houses there is a beautiful view on the coast, and many sellers of souvenirs, near From the beaches, it is a suitable place to relax and get some distinct memories One of the interesting things there is the rocks in the sea that painted many colors, it is said that the line extending towards Europe divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Tangier beach

This beach continues to evolve from time to time, and for those who visit Tangier several times, they will feel the differences for sure, this beach is famous for its beautiful clean coasts, and they use machines to clean it daily, and the beach provides you with wave rides on a coast and the best experience this beach offers is walking On this quiet and clean beach where you have the opportunity to relax, flee the world and recover your old memories.

Moroccan Art Museum

All the arts, crafts and natural features of this amazing museum are mixed with the original building very pleasant and pleasant, it is worth giving this place a visit when you travel to Tangier, and visitors to the museum will see history, culture and modernity all mixed together.

Ibn Battuta Tomb

In this place you will see signs on the walls of some houses in the old city, and you will easily reach the cemetery, 20 minutes walk from “Petit Socco”. You will reach the cemetery and inside you will see the coffins covered with green cover and many writings.[1].

Grand Socco Street

Where old and new meet, Grand Socco is the place where the wide road turns into narrow cobbled streets, with a mosque on one side and cinema on the other hand, this place is a crossroads between the ages, you can buy a variety of caftans in the traditional market stalls and also Draining nuts and fresh food scrape, a street surrounding the central fountain making it an ideal location in Tangier.

Cinema of the countryside

This cinema is located in the vicinity of Grand Socco, it is not difficult to find this cinema, which is a popular resting place for the locals, you can watch the prevailing and independent films in a colonial style building, a trip to this cinema is an authentic experience in Tangier, it seems that this cinema It glorifies its mixed cultural roots and like anywhere in Tangier it is a crossroads of cultures and films are shown in French and Arabic.

Tangier Mosque

During the fifth century this place was a Roman temple, after the Portuguese conquest it was converted into a cathedral and during the eighth century its central location began suitable for Muslim prayer, it was converted into a mosque and since then it has been converted again to the church and then back again to a mosque, the series of transfers that She went through it during this time making it a great example of Morocco’s rich and varied history.

a church Andrew

Saint Andrew Church is one of the most charming sites in Tangier, this famous tourist site was completed in 1905 as a gift from King Hassan I of Morocco, and it is a mixture of different structures and styles, which reflects the difference in the population of Morocco, the church is a focal point for Christians in Tangier , It also displays Qur’anic inscriptions on the interior of the Moroccan and represents the direction of Muslim prayer to Mecca.

Beaches in Tangier

Over the years, with the growth of the tourism industry in Tangier, funding has been invested in maintaining the cleanliness of cities and sites all over Morocco that have harvested the beaches of Tangier with a unique shape, they are in an oasis outside the city, with golden sands and sparkling blue waters. Always hustle and bustle.

Restaurants and hotels in Tangier

You can find many famous hotels and restaurants in Tangier, your room will enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, or maybe you will be on top of a mountain, and in Tangier, everything is possible, and you will also enjoy watching the pure night, restaurants in Tangier are also special, and they provide you with all kinds of food , You will taste some distinctive new dishes.

The best time to visit Tangier

The temperatures in Tangier are somewhat different, due to the humidity the temperatures are enjoyable all year long with a great chance of about half a year of rains and considered to be a fairly moderate place, if you are looking for the warmest time to visit Tangier, the hottest months are August and July and then September, the warmest time of the year is early August to mid-August as temperatures rise regularly around 86.9 ° F (30.5 ° C) with temperatures dropping below 68.7 ° F (20.4 ° C) at night. [3]

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