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Tourism in Nubia –

The Land of Gold as some call it Nubia is located in the Aswan Governorate in the south of the state of Egypt, and it was called the Land of Gold because of the many treasures and the beautiful nature that these countries possess, and all the people of Nubia adhere to Nubian customs and traditions since the establishment of the Nubian civilization until our time, and this in addition to the tourist attractions You are many.

Among the most important characteristics of Nubia is the preservation of the Nubian heritage, even in building and designing their homes. We find Nubian homes and homes similar in design to tourist attractions that express the Nubian person, and are distinguished by its beauty and splendor of its design.[1]

About Nubia

The people of Nubia are indigenous Nubians who live in the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially in Aswan Governorate, where Aswan is their home and speak the Nubian language, since ancient times when the Nubian civilization and the Nubian kings were present in Aswan in the place of Nubian rule, and its residents are characterized by brown skin.

They are a good and simple people in their dealings with everyone who visits them where they are known for the people of generosity and originality, and most of their homes are dominated by the Nubian character in terms of design and architectural decoration, in addition to the cleanliness of their streets and their beautiful Nubian food, and mostly the Nuba people are committed to wearing authentic Nubian clothes that express their customs and traditions that They cherish it and do not change no matter how the time changes, and there is in history a world day called Nubia Day that is celebrated by every Nubian person all over the world and in which the Nubian heritage and Nubian customs are revived, and Nubian sweets and Nubian food are eaten.[2]

What are the tourist Nubian activities

The Nubians have very beautiful customs and traditions, and those customs are famous in most parts of the earth, so we find a lot of tourists and visitors to Egypt looking to see and do those things as soon as they visit Nubia and these customs: –

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Drawing of Nubian henna

Drawing Nubian henna is the most beautiful thing that Nubian women adorn and are proud of, and because of the beauty of these drawings and the splendor of art in their engraving, tourists come specially to draw the original Nubian henna from their owners and in their original homeland, and the people of Nubia are adept at that specialization until they export Nubian henna out of the country when they prove Their efficiency and quality.

Crocodile tourism

Crocodile tourism is also one of the most popular things that Nubians are known to, but rather where it is a source of income for the people of Nubia and is concentrated in the West Plain region where it is known as the country of crocodiles, and there are crocodiles raised and presented to tourists who come specifically to watch, feed and play with them, and the people of Nubia in the West Suhail region Of their habits in the event of the death of these crocodiles, they are embalmed and kept in their homes or hung on the entrances of homes and walls.[3]

Hotels return to nature

In Nubia in general and in the village of Hisa in particular, there is a large group of hotels famous for the name of hotels back to nature, where the design of these hotels is like primitive life and there is nothing modern technology, as life there is only just a normal life as it was in previous times, Where nature exists as it was created, food is settled under the sand, and in the evening the popular parties are held by the people of Nubia and sing their authentic Nubian pieces.

Nubian perfumes

The people of Nubia are distinguished by creating their own perfumes known as special Nubian perfumes, due to the Nubians following the authentic African approach. These perfumes and incense are made from products that are all natural only to bear the authentic Nubian character.

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Folkloric clothing

Folkloric clothing is the official dress worn by the people of Nubia, and through tourism, television and media development, Nubian culture spread in their clothes, so tourists and visitors are keen to wear Nubian dress so that they can take souvenir photos or take them as gifts to their countries.

We feel luck

Nubians in the West Suhail region are famous for something called luck-nemnm, which are African-origin accessories such as the circle that is held to nullify magic and deeds, and another kind that prevents dreaming at bedtime, other nimmicks that bring luck, and another type of nanom to expel negative energy from the place that is placed with it.

Nubian arts

The people of Nubia since ancient times know binge a people who loves arts and singing, and there are many artists of Nubia who perform popular Nubian parties, and during their trip tourists are keen to listen to them and dance to their songs.[4]

The most important tourist attractions in Nubia

The country of gold has many of the characteristics that God Almighty loved her from its beautiful nature and stunning landscapes, as well as the ancient monuments that they inherited from their ancestors.

The plants island

Island of plants was formed by natural factors as it was the result of silt deposited in the middle of the Nile River until it became a green vegetable island containing a large group of tropical plants, and there are about seventeen basins of different palm trees, shrubs, tropical and semi-tropical plants, and the plant garden is also a center For agricultural research in Aswan, which is also the oldest botanical garden in the world, and contains the seven most rare plant species in the whole world.[5]

West Suhail region

The village of Gharb Suhail in Aswan is one of the most Nubian areas in which the people of Nubia congregate. This village is located in the west of the Nile River and is located at the top of a sandy slope. This village was built during the construction of the ancient Aswan Reservoir, which is about one hundred years old, and there is famous for the breeding of crocodiles that they use In tourist attractions, it is a source of income for them.

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Philae island

The island of Philae is considered one of the most important Nubian islands because it contains the archaeological temple of Philae, and that island is a tourist area of ​​the first degree and offers many Nubian shows that tourists enjoy at the time of their visit to Aswan.

Nubia Museum

The Nubia Museum is a museum dedicated to displaying ancient Nubian culture and antiquities and was established by UNESCO.

Abu Simbel Temple

In the area of ​​Abu Simbel Temple there are many buildings and monuments of the Pharaonic, such as the Temple of King Ramses II.

Tourist hotels in Dahab

There are many homes and tourist hotels in Aswan and Nubia to suit all categories and tastes, including: –

The Golden Pharaoh Hotel

This hotel is designed according to ancient Pharaonic arts in terms of design, dinnerware, seating chairs and beds.

Pyramisa Isis Hotel

Pyramisa Hotel is located in Aswan overlooking the Nile Corniche, about 4 minutes from the center of Aswan, and the hotel has a terrace and sun umbrellas for sunbathers, and it has a shopping mall, fitness center and spa.

The best date for tourism in Nubia

The winter is the best time to visit as the weather is warm and temperate, and you can enjoy the natural scenery and spend a lovely tourist time.

The cost of tourism in Nubia

The official currency in Nubia is the Egyptian pound. Free and private transportation is available in some hotels. As for food and gift purchases, prices are very simple, and hotel prices are simple and inexpensive compared to quality.

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