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Monday October 12, 2020

Tourism in Norway – Your guide for tourism in Norway

You will not be able to close your mouth from astonishment with every step you take in this charming country.

It is the home of the Vikings, the land of bays and where huge mountains meet the waters wherever you look.

Velkommen til Norge / Welcome to Norway.

One of the common perceptions of this charming country is that bears are walking on the streets of Norway! But in fact there are no wild polar bears in all parts of the country, except that Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between the mainland of Norway and the Arctic where there are more polar bears than the local population, however, it is rare for any accidents between residents and polar bears.

Norway is not only a materially rich country “as its economy is considered one of the strongest in Europe,” but it is also naturally rich. Wherever you go inside Norway, you will find unique fjords, flowing natural waterfalls, and extremely pure lakes whose surface reflects the sky and the surrounding nature, as if it were a huge mirror and Although tourism in Norway is somewhat expensive, it is definitely worth it.

Norwegian currency

The Norwegian krone is the main currency in the country and you can often use a credit card almost everywhere in the country, so you probably won’t face a big problem there when dealing with money.

Most Norwegians speak English

Don’t you know Norwegian? No problem, the majority of Norwegians speak fluent English.

Also, although the trait of shame is related to the Norwegians in particular and the inhabitants of Scandinavia in general, they are a friendly and hospitable people who will never hesitate to help you and answer any questions that you may have ..

The capital, Oslo | Oslo

The largest city and the most famous tourist destination. It always tops the list of cities in the world in terms of quality of life, surpassing most of the major European cities.

Dubbed the hill town; The abundance of hills, green spaces and lakes, as well as many distinctive museums, entertainment places, parks, and historical places, such as palaces and castles, in addition to interesting cruises, wandering within its streets and squares and seeing its distinctive architectural style and cheerful colors.

Its most important landmark is the Viking Ship Museum, which will give you the opportunity to see the best real and preserved Viking ships in the world up close with a collection of skeletons and unique artifacts from the wonderful Viking world.

As for the amusement park, or Frogner Park, it is the largest park in the central region of Oslo, and one of the most popular areas for city residents and tourists alike. Many recreational options are offered by the park, and you can also lie back and enjoy the sun, or jog, or play badminton. Frogner Park contains the largest collection of roses in Norway, a large children’s playground, near the main entrance, a swimming pool, a café, and a restaurant.

As for Akershus Castle, through which you can discover the history of the city of Oslo, see the most beautiful views of the city, and enjoy a wonderful summer day. The construction of the castle dates back to 1299 AD and was completed in the 13th century AD. There are many guided tours available during the summer. The castle district is now a popular place for celebrating major events and holding concerts.

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City of Bergen | Bergen

The second most famous city in Norway, which is located on its western coast and is the second largest country in the country, in addition to being the largest share in the external and internal experiences due to its proximity to some other European countries.

The city was included in the cultural heritage lists that were placed by UNESCO in the year 1979 as it contains some archaeological and ancient buildings that form a heritage dating back to ancient centuries. Tourists can enjoy a tour inside the region and take some memorial photos in order to immortalize That period.

The area includes some of the best restaurants at all, which offer the most delicious food from all international cuisines. In addition, there are some concerts and historical documentaries that convey the history of that ancient city.

Mount Ulriken is the highest mountain peak in Bergen, where this mountain is 643 meters high and this mountain provides tourists with the opportunity to move by cable car to see Norway from the top.

The mobile cable car was launched for the first time in the year 1961 with an existing observation deck equipped with telescopes, in addition to a visual television tower with a restaurant serving delicious meals.

Twilight of the North | Aurora Borealis

Imagine with me that you are lying next to your tent and with a hot cup of tea watching the colors green and blue dance in the sky to create an unforgettable experience together, Norway is the place to do this, as many tourists come to Norway with the intention of seeing the northern lights. However, the northern lights are not Visible across the country, places like Lofoten, Bodo, and Tromsø remain the most popular spots for viewing the northern lights.

You should also remember that the Northern Lights will not be visible during the summer, and you will have the best chance of seeing this phenomenon in particular between October and April.

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Midnight sun

You may have also heard of the midnight sun! Which you can watch while traveling to Norway in the summer, where the sun appears for 24 hours of daylight in a phenomenon that is very popular among visitors.

It is one of the most famous Norwegian cuisine

Norwegian cuisine is based largely on the raw materials found in Norway, its mountains, wilderness and coasts. It also differs in many aspects from its continental counterparts, as it is centered on waterfowl and fish.

Recently, many foods have begun to enter Norwegian cuisine, although it is still based on traditional methods. We see that pasta, pizza and the like, such as meatballs and cod fish, have become popular in Norway even though they began to be cooked in the traditional Norwegian ways as well, and you can find in Norway restaurants any Something you would expect to find in any city in Western Europe.


The best salmon you will ever taste, it is the most internationally spread traditional Norwegian dish, especially smoked salmon, as it can be considered the most important Norwegian contribution to modern international cuisine.

Smoked salmon is commonly found in many varieties, and is often served with scrambled eggs and sandwiches or mustard sauce. Until the twentieth century, oysters were rarely eaten in Norway. This is due to the abundance of fish and the long time it takes to capture oysters. While prawns, crabs and mussels are becoming more popular, especially during the summer.

And while salmon isn’t cheap, you shouldn’t miss trying at least one salmon meal in Norway even if you’re traveling on a budget.


It is also considered a popular food, but the difficulties faced by fishermen (such as size and season) limit its consumption, and in addition it has become scarce and very expensive. Seafood is also used fresh, smoked, salted or pickled.

meat balls

This dish is the best that the Norwegians do, because it is considered a rough Norwegian version of the Swedish meatballs, which is a pie of beef flavored with ginger and nutmeg, then it is fried and usually served with potatoes and sprinkled with cream sauce.

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Norwegian soup

It is considered the most delicious soup served in Norway, which consists of a few ingredients of lamb and cabbage in addition to corn and salt, and they are placed in a large bowl and above them an appropriate amount of water and left until the water boils and the meat is cooked.

Reindeer soup

Norway is famous for the presence of reindeer that was used in preparing dishes and various types of soups, including syrups that include a number of flavoring ingredients mixed together to form an unusual zest, which is reindeer meat, mushrooms and juniper in addition to sour cream, wild thyme, milk and brown goat cheese.

the prices

Norway is not considered a cheap country at all. Even the locals and those who live near the border with the neighboring country Sweden depend on purchasing their needs from the Swedish market for the cheap prices compared to their country.

Perhaps one of the ways to avoid spending a lot of money while you travel in Norway is not to eat a lot of meals in restaurants, and perhaps buying your food in the supermarket is much cheaper than going out to the restaurants every day.

What is the best time to visit Norway?

The tourist season in Norway extends from April to November, which is the peak period of the tourist season in Norway.

Is Norway a safe country?

Norway is known to be the safest country in the world. Crime rates are very low even in major cities like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.

Besides polar bears on Svalbard, there are no dangerous animals waiting to attack you in the Norwegian wilderness, so if you are in the woods, on a mountain or on a glacier, you have nothing to fear.

Oh God, travel ..

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