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Thursday March 19, 2020

Tourism in Kirkali –

Where is the city of Kirkali located?

Kerkali or Kerik Castle, this city is one of the closest cities to the Turkish capital Ankara, about 80 kilometers east of the city, Kerkali became in 1989 under the leadership of Turgut Ozal, the province has a population of 280,843 people, of whom 192,705 people live in the capital Kerkali, and reaches Its area is 4.365 square kilometers. It is located in the center of Anatolia and the eastern Black Sea and is considered as a point of intersection for the southeastern Anatolia regions. It is a city that possesses many important historical and tourist places. Its average height above the sea level is 700 meters, while the highest point in it reaches 1742 meters. The Kirkali Plain is considered the most important plains in the region It is a river Kizilirmak the most important river there, climate Vic Kırıkkale continental hot and is in summer, cool and dry in the winter, with the fall of some rain and snow in the region, occurs rainfall mostly in seasonal spring and autumn, the average rainfall 329 mm.

Information about the city of Kirkali

In less than a hundred years, the city became an important economic and commercial center in Turkey, and a major artery for military industries.It is difficult to imagine that in 1925, Kirikkale was a small village consisting of only 12 houses, and quickly expanded to become an industrial center, including major industries In Kirikale, stateowned military arms and ammunition factories and chemical plants, the economy relies almost exclusively on steel mills that produce highquality steel ingots and machinery.[1]

There is also a large timber industry thanks to the forests surrounded by oak trees, but most of the lands are covered with “steppes”, there are many vineyards too, and sesame, carnation, chrysanthemum, thyme and mint are some plants that automatically grow in the area, working Kirkali is also a local market for grains and livestock in Anatolia, and it is worth noting that there are no natural lakes in Kirkali.

Historic city of Kirkali

The history of the city dates back four thousand years, based on historical evidence found in the city from natural and geographical features, studies showed that this region was inhabited by the Hittite Sumerians, Romans and Arabs, the spread of many rock shelters along the roads linking it with the surrounding areas, confirms that the city was Of great importance in the field of transportation, and in 1120 AD, the first Islamic settlement centers were established in Anatolia half a century after the victory of Malazghart, which is one of the areas that were fighting for the construction of Turkish and Islamic lands in Anatolia.

The most important tourist areas in Kirkali

The city of Krikali is characterized by many tourist areas, the most important of which is an archaeological center located in the city center, containing government buildings, embalmed statues of some sultans of the Ottoman Empire, and places clearly indicating the economic and commercial renaissance that the city achieved in its last years.

Nour Othman Mosque

A mosque from the eighteenth century is located near the large market of the city, as is the vicinity of the Column of Constantine and the mosque of Atiq Ali Pasha, and it is considered an important turning point for Ottoman architecture.

The construction of the Nur Uthman Mosque began in 1748 AD, by order of Sultan Mahmud I, and was completed in 1755, during the reign of his brother and successor Sultan Uthman III, at the hands of the engineer Simon Calva, And the Ottoman Mustafa Agha.

His style contrasts with that of the old mosques, an architecture that combines classic Ottoman architecture and Western Baroque architecture, the inner courtyard has a unique shape, it is polygonal and consists of a semicircle, it does not contain any Sadrvan (the ablution fountain) in its center, the 12 columns support 14 Dome, and includes the complex, Sultan’s Palace, two water paths, library, school, mausoleum, food house and shops.

Solo Cave

The Sulu Magarasi Cave is one of nature’s marvels, and it contains secrets dug for millions of years, and yet it was not discovered until two decades ago, the cave is located in the town of Keskin of the city of Kirkali and is one kilometer from its center, and its length is estimated It is about 285 meters long, and it is characterized by half of it is natural and the other half is artificial.

The Rock Shrine

The Shrine of the Rock is a large stone building that contains ancient inscriptions and an ice age cemetery that indicates the age of life in this city, as it resembles the cave of the ancient man, and this shrine is one of the impressive natural attractions in the city.

Kochi Papa Mosque

This mosque and shrine is located in the city of Bali Sheikh, and it was named after Sheikh “Kochu Baba” who built the mosque, while the shrine, which was built in the fifteenth century, has undergone restoration several times throughout history, and is considered one of the places that tourists visit most .

The historic Technisiger Bridge

It is one of the masterpieces that differs from the rest of the bridges in the splendor of design and implementation, and dates back more than 700 years, the Chesniger Bridge is a medieval bridge, crossing the Kızılırmak River between the cities of Karakeçili and Köprüköy, in the province of Kirkali, was built during the Seljuk Selm period.

There is no accurate date for the construction of the bridge, but it is said that the art of the thirteenth century was built on the basis of architectural and historical sources. Traditions say that Timur’s army crossed the bridge on its way to the Battle of Ankara in 1402, and the architect Mimar Sinan supervised the rebuilding of the bridge as part of the preparations Of the Egyptian Mission to Sultan Selim I, and other reforms to the bridge occurred during the twentieth century.

The bridge was open to vehicle traffic until 1989, when it was closed due to rising sea levels after the construction of the Kabulukaya Dam, although the bridge is now only open to pedestrians, restoration work was carried out in 2010.[2]

Kirkli City’s best hotels and restaurants

Enar Hotel

Enar Hotel is located near the University of Kirkali, just a 7minute walk, it is a 3star hotel, next to the restaurant that serves local Turkish meals. This hotel has a distinctive café. Free buffet breakfast and free WiFi, comfortable beds, and equipped rooms are provided. Completely designed and furnished, room service is available around the clock.

Carmine Otel

Carmine Otel is located in the center of Kerkali. It offers breakfast and free WiFi. It has a restaurant, café and rooftop terrace, outstanding room service around the clock. All 85 rooms offer appropriate amenities for all categories, and free personal care supplies.

Nasa Gold Hotel

It is the best hotel in the city, and like the rest of the hotels it offers free breakfast, along with WiFi, this hotel has meeting room and concierge services, free parking, and all 31 rooms offer all amenities, LCD TVs, and machines Coffee making, premium bedding, free water bottles, free personal care supplies and hair dryers. Daily cleaning service is provided, and its prices are affordable for everyone.

Beyaz Saray Otel Kirikkale

This hotel also offers free breakfast and free WiFi, in public areas and free parking. There is also a large meeting room, and all 32 rooms provide amenities for guests, and 24hour room service is provided, and cleaning service is provided Daily, the hotel is a short distance away from the airport, and a number of famous restaurants and cafes are located next to it.

Kirkalli also features many restaurants, the most prominent of which is the “Juliet Kebab” restaurant, which serves Mediterranean dishes, grills, and famous Asian and European cuisine. The “Inner Hotel” restaurant is considered one of the most important restaurants that offer a variety of delicious Turkish dishes and It has a distinctive view, and the “Sigiri Bahri” restaurant is the best and most important restaurant in Kirkali, and it has branches in all cities of Turkey, specializing in grills and preparing the mandi on the Turkish way, a generous restaurant in its hospitality and the provision of salads and appetizers, this city is really worth a visit, and it has all The ingredients to attract any tourist from natural ingredients and Tingredients Historical and cultural.

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