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Tuesday February 18, 2020

Tourism in Kenneth, Florida

Kenneth, Florida, is a suburb of Saint Petersburg, and is characterized by a touch of civilization technically, and the small population of the town means less congestion, less noise, and therefore a haven for visitors looking for a quiet holiday, in an area far from the hustle and bustle of major cities.

Kenneth is located near the ocean in Pinellas County, and is one of the best places to live in the state, so it is a favorite of visitors, as there is much to see, and do the best tourist activities in Kenneth City, Florida, and the surrounding areas of the city.

Where there are many bars, restaurants and green spaces in the city, many parks and museums are located in the vicinity of it, while others are located in the Kenneth downtown area, where visitors can shop, eat and relax with beautiful views. [1]

The best sights in Kenneth

James B. Park Ernest

Visitors of all ages who want to have a fun day outdoors, or do some exercise, can enjoy a wide range of activities for a wonderful day at James Park. James P. Ernst, where there are open green spaces, amid high and lush trees, and naturally shaded areas of the palm, you can enjoy the spreading of the land by a mattress, and enjoy meditation on the beauty of the park around you, or you can relax on one of the designated seats and read your favorite book, and you can run Or, take a walk on the designated paths in the park, under the warm sun and clear air.

The park is the largest children’s playground in Kenneth. There is also an adult fitness area, a tennis court, a basketball court, a table tennis court, a table tennis game, a bowling area in the park, and in the park there are changing rooms, bathrooms Clean, laundry rooms operate throughout the day.

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Fine Arts Museum

The main objective of the establishment of the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg was to educate visitors about the importance of art and its impact on culture and the uplift of society, and inspire them through a wide range of artifacts and exhibits. The museum is home to more than 14,000 artifacts, in a variety of items that are displayed In order, from ancient times to the present day, including Steuben Glass and French Impressionist artworks, the museum also has two beautiful indoor gardens, and an art gallery with more than 10,000 pictures, you can visit the museum and enjoy watching this wonderful archaeological edifice, to get to know the culture of that city for a century. . [2]

Sunken gardens

Stunning 100-year-old sunken gardens, one of the oldest archeology in St. Petersburg, this botanical garden provides visitors with a peaceful retreat from the noise and crowds in the bustling city, you can enjoy while walking through these gardens watching about 50,000 tropical plants of various types, colorful flowers, Beautiful waterfalls, and sunken gardens provide guided tours, and don’t forget to take the most beautiful pictures of them.

Mazzaro Italian Market Mazzaro’s Italian Market

Although there are many markets in the St. Petersburg area, but it is installed during weekends only, or at a certain time of the year, except for the Italian market Mazaro it is open to receive visitors every day, you can enjoy wandering in the active market atmosphere, with an opportunity to eat delicious Delicious traditional Italian food, from fresh bread and pastries, sauces and homemade pasta, with a wide range of cheese, in one of the restaurants spread across the market, and you can buy snacks to take with you on the road. [3]

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Weidon Island Reserve

Weedon Island Preserve, situated on 3000 acres along Tampa Bay, provides visitors with an opportunity to spend an enjoyable day, amidst a beautiful landscape, with a wide range of activities.

The reserve is characterized by a wide range of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, which includes a large number of different plant and animal species, and although the primary goal of establishing the reserve is to preserve and protect this sensitive environment, visitors can participate in many activities, including This includes hiking, canoeing, bird watching, and fishing.

There is also a center for culture and natural history, on the site of Weedon Island Preserve, and features great exhibitions of local artists, as it explains the history of the city.

Thai Orchid Restaurant

Visitors who are looking for a comfortable place to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine, need no more searching for a restaurant. Thai Orchid Thai Restaurant offers a varied lunch menu and a wonderful dinner menu with different entrees, such as sautéed fried dishes with pepper steak, as well as An extensive sushi menu is also available, expertly prepared using fresh ingredients.

In addition to excellent service from friendly staff, a clean place, and the prices are very reasonable, accessible to all, enjoy your favorite meal in the restaurant.

Mahav Theater

You can enjoy an entertaining evening by booking tickets and watching live shows at the Mahaffey Theater, where the theater has more than 2031 seating, and a large dance hall, this world-class entertainment venue, whether it is a dance show, comedy show, or party Musical or Broadway play, this beautiful theater, in downtown St. Petersburg, is sure to be put on your list of attractions in Kenneth. [4]

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Morian Center for the Arts

Visitors to the famous Morean Arts Center can see many artworks from many artists, from all over the local region, countries and the world, for example there is one of the permanent art collections, by famous artist Dale Chihuly, and artworks are displayed in the center in a way Innovative, attracting visitors to interest in art, and appreciate its importance to societies.

Explore the Heritage Village

Visitors can learn a lot about Pinellas County, by visiting the Heritage Village of Largo, this historic village of 21 acres, and has many old buildings, which tell the story of the history of the province over the years.

The village includes more than 33 attractions, including historic homes, a general store, a church, schools and a railway station, and a visitor center with some exhibits, which contains artifacts and documents.

It also includes a souvenir shop, a variety of books, and handicraft products for sale, so don’t forget to buy gifts for you and your family and comrades, to remember a fun and unforgettable journey from memory. [5]

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