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Wednesday July 1, 2020

Tourism in Ivory Coast –

Ivory Coast, or as it is called Côte d’Ivoire, one of the countries located in the African continent, tourism in Ivory Coast occupies a special place, especially among tourism lovers in Africa from all countries of the world, so Ivory Coast has a picturesque nature like any other Charming African countries, so this country attracts a large category of Africa’s tourists, because of its various tourist attractions and stunning natural landscapes that make it one of the most beautiful African countries.

Cote d’Ivoire

Ivory Coast is located in the continent of Africa, specifically the western part of the brown continent, and this country has been known for stability and development. For more than three decades after independence from France, Ivory Coast or Côte d’Ivoire was known for harmony, this religious and ethnic harmony that made it an African model to follow. The economic development achieved by Côte d’Ivoire in recent years has been one of its strengths.

Although this country has enjoyed peace and familiarity for several decades, in the early part of the twentyfirst century the country witnessed an incident that shook the air, and an armed rebellion in 2002 divided Côte d’Ivoire into two parts, after which a series of negotiations and peace treaties began to restore the harmony that was known about Cote d’Ivoire.

But despite the division of Ivory Coast, and its instability due to the renewed events of violence; However, it is the largest source in the world for the production of cocoa beans, and as a result, its citizens enjoy a relatively high level of income compared to other African countries, and this has strengthened the country’s stability in recent times. [1]

Ivory Coast language

The largest group of Ivory Coast residents speak the French language, as the French language has been considered an official language in Côte d’Ivoire since the French occupation of the country to this day, while on the other hand we find that some residents of Ivory Coast still speak the original languages ​​of the country, those languages ​​that preceded the period of the French occupation For the country.

All African languages ​​represented in Côte d’Ivoire belong to one of three subgroups of the languages ​​of the Congo and Niger, those of Kwa in the south and Mand in the northwest, as well as the Ghor in the northeastern region, it is worth noting that some residents of Cote d’Ivoire still speak the language so far The Bambrian, the language that distinguishes the Mandy race people.

Tourism in Ivory Coast will compel you to learn some French words, as the indigenous language of the population, this will facilitate the task of dealing with hotels and guest houses, as well as with the people of the country in general. [2]

The most important cities of Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has a group of distinct cities, and perhaps the most famous of these cities are:

  • The city of Abidjan: The city of Abidjan has the largest area among the cities of Ivory Coast, and it also has a distinguished position among the rest of the cities, as it is the capital of Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Bouake: It is the second city in Côte d’Ivoire in terms of area. [3]
  • Daloa: The city of Daloa is located on the western side of the political capital of Ivory Coast.
  • San Pedro: The city of San Pedro has a different set of attractions in the Ivory Coast.
  • Yamoussoukro: This city enjoys great tourist interest, as it is the administrative capital of the country’s affairs.

Tourism in Cote d’Ivoire

The Ivorian government paid great attention to tourism, given the importance of this aspect in increasing the national income of the country, as Ivory Coast ranks an advanced rank among business tourism countries in the African continent, as it is located in third place after Nigeria and Morocco, but despite this, Ivory Coast is still not affected With huge numbers of tourists, this is probably ideal for lovers of exclusivity and being in areas not crowded with tourists.

Ivory Coast has picturesque natural areas, so it is a favorite haven for all lovers of parks and gardens with vast green areas, as well as lakes and distinctive recreational beaches, in addition to that the country of Ivory Coast possesses a group of buildings, museums and ancient churches, that make it very distinctive for fans of African tourism. [4]

The most important tourist places in Ivory Coast

Côte d’Ivoire has a variety of attractions, as the tourist sites of Côte d’Ivoire are:

Grand Bassam: Grand Bassam explodes from the Ivorian coast with a group of elegant Parisian palaces, in addition to the municipal buildings that were made during the colonial period that the country has experienced. It is worth mentioning that Grand Bassam enjoys a group of beaches, those beaches that attract lovers of water activities of all kinds, and also receives attention Tourist because he possesses a unique group of wonderful hotels and tourist resorts, which express the beauty of Ivory Coast in a big way.

The city of Abidjan: the Ivorian capital receives great tourist interest, due to its huge Francophone constellations, as well as its possession of Saint Paul’s Cathedral and the National Museum, those historic buildings that reveal the country’s history, and its long history with the French occupation.

The town of Man: The rural town of Man emanates from the huge Tora Mountains, and this wonderful town is surrounded by vast green areas, from vegetable farms and cocoa farms covering large parts of Ivory Coast, in addition to that, the town of Man has a distinctive Cascades waterfall, with falling water as if it is an artistic painting. Wonderful, as well as the bamboo forest flanked by butterflies on each side.

Tai National Park: The Tai National Park, which is located in Cote d’Ivoire, is one of the most important protected parks in Africa, it is one of the protected areas for the remainder of the upper Guinean rainforests, here is the wild land with river valleys, wet trees and rolling savannas around, in addition to A group of animals such as monkeys, chimpanzees and hippo.

Jacques Ville: Jacques Ville is characterized by the extension of the Ivorian sand emanating from the pineapple groves towards the sea. This region is characterized by the Parisian corridors and ancient colonial buildings, which give the region a historical historical dimension. In short, Jacques Ville is considered one of the elegant coastal models of the Ivory Coast.

San Pedro Ports: San Pedro Ports stand out from the southern forests of Ivory Coast, this distinctive city is the second largest coastal city in Ivory Coast, San Pedro is characterized by its low houses and vibrant streets, as well as a group of highend bars and various shops.

Yamoussoukro: The city of Yamoussoukro has been taken as the political capital of the country since 1983, to occupy a great place among the rest of the cities of Ivory Coast, the most prominent characteristic of this city in particular is its highrise buildings of modern style, in addition to the huge Church of Our Lady of Peace, with domes and great pillars, which Reflects the greatness of Ivory Coast.

Korhogo: The revolutionary city of Korhogo has the distinction of every tourist visiting the ivory tourist, as it is filled with bars that sell the finest spices, cashews, handicrafts and various fabrics.

Bouake City: Although the division is evident in this small city, it occupies the forefront in the local markets, as it offers a range of arts and crafts, such as making distinctive clay pots.

Comoy National Park: Comoy National Park has a special place in Ivory Coast, especially by tourists looking for the beauty of nature, and enjoying the breezes of the outdoors, where forests and dazzling savannah weeds, animals of various types, the most famous of which are the Kulbus monkeys, and the pangolin, in addition to tigers, lions and other Other animals.

Mount Nimba Nature Reserve: The Mount Nimba Nature Reserve has a range of stunning natural elements, such as rainforest habitats and plains, and animals of various types and shapes. [5]

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