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Monday November 9, 2020

Tourism in Interlaken: the most beautiful attractions

It is this corner of the world that has always fascinated us with pictures and stories that we read while we were young and whose events take place in and around that region of natural areas in the Alps.

The Swiss city of Interlaken is located between the lakes Brienz and Thun in the Bodilly region, and the Aare River, which also crosses the city, connects between them.

Interlaken is one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in Switzerland.

Today we will talk to you about the most beautiful and charming landmarks of the city:

Mount Harder Kulm | Harder Kulm

It is part of the Alps mountain range in Switzerland and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in the region, as it attracts large numbers of tourists annually to enjoy the amazing view it offers.

Mount Harder Kulm is one of the most important places for skiing enthusiasts, and you can find the necessary skiing gear and all the supplies from the centers on the site.

But if your visit is in the rest of the seasons, riding the mountain train that brings you to the top of the mountain is an exciting and memorable experience, although it takes only 15 minutes, but it is considered one of the most important attractions of this place.

Standing on the wooden platform and enjoying the panoramic view is one of the most beautiful and exciting moments that you will definitely wish to last for a long time.

There is a special area for children to play as well as a restaurant on the top of the mountain where your children can have a lot of fun there while you are enjoying the amazing view and then concede a delicious meal at one of the tables overlooking the area.

Schilthorn Summit | Schilthorn

The magnificence of the landscapes that you will encounter on your journey up to the summit of Chilthorn will prompt you to document them with dozens of memorial photos, as the area that is filled with green spaces in the summer also becomes a haven for lovers of charming nature and tranquility, and in the winter season the summit attracts ski enthusiasts and snow lovers, as you wear a white dress Bright.

On your trip to the summit of Schilthorn Interlaken, you must take a cable car from the Station area to the tower, which is an important part of the place’s attraction, as the cable car trip provides you with a wonderful view of the landscapes that you will pass up to the top of the mountain.

Enjoy the experience of standing on the SKYLINE WALK platform at Berg station at the top of the summit, which will provide you with an unrivaled view of the snowcovered heights, Lake Thun and other natural features below.

You can sit in the restaurant and enjoy a special meal with the panoramic views it offers from the mountain top. You can also buy souvenirs from the onsite shop.

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Tromel Bach Falls | Trümmelbachfälle

It consists of ten waterfalls gathered inside a mountain cavity that derives its water from melting snow formed on three mountains surrounding the region to become one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the region and for nature lovers in particular.

Tunnels have been dug and bridges built so that every visitor can see all the waterfalls and see the wondrous rocks how the water carved them with the force of their fall, and you can also enjoy an exciting tour using the metal stairs dug into the mountains and see the ten waterfalls lining the edges of the mountains and visit the caves in addition to the sunlight reflected on the rocks that sparkle. Creating an unforgettable imaginary image.

Lake Brienz | Lake Brienz

The lake is about 14 km long and 2.8 km wide at a maximum depth of 260 m, with a total area of ​​29.8 km. Despite the vast area of ​​Lake Brienz, it generally lacks fish wealth and when you arrive there, you will notice from the first glance the attractive emerald color of its water.

You can enjoy, dear tourist, a tour in the boats of the lake and see the scenery of the great beauty and silence of the beauty of nature that surrounds the place accompanied by misty clouds among green mountains that add to the beauty and magnificence of the place.

It is also an ideal choice for lovers of hiking and cycling, as the lake provides you with a quiet tour around the place.

Do not forget, dear reader, to visit the nearby Jess Bach waterfall to enjoy the flow of fresh water.

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Lake Thun | Lake Thun

It is one of the lakes in the Alps, and it is one of the largest in Switzerland, with an area of ​​approximately 48 square kilometers, and it is fed by Lake Brienz, which was part of it before the last ice age, as well as from the tributaries of the Aare River, which overflows in the summer as a result of melting snow.

You can wander around the lake, and enjoy its charming natural atmosphere, and you can also ride a boat and enjoy a distinct tour inside its waters, or practice fishing, or even practice many water activities, such as swimming and other entertaining sports.

The limits of the pleasure do not stop at this only, as the place where the lake is located, provides you with many restaurants that prepare the most delicious and best meals of traditional Swiss food, and there are many restaurants that offer the most delicious types of drinks within their lounges that enjoy the quiet and comfortable Swiss atmosphere, Where you can sit and enjoy your favorite drink next to one of the most amazing natural places that you can visit in the Swiss city of Interlaken.

The Blue Lake | Blausee Naturpark

The Blue Lake is located near Interlaken and is one of the areas visited by a large number of visitors throughout the year, including city residents and local tourists, as well as foreign tourists from outside the country.

The lake is considered one of the most beautiful natural places in the city, due to its many charming natural features, such as a small forest containing a group of dense trees and domesticated wild animals, and the lake contains a large number of various fish, the most important of which is salmon.

You can wander around the lake and enjoy its charming natural atmosphere, and you can visit the surrounding forest and learn about its distinctive features, and you can also ride one of the small boats scattered in the lake that takes you on a wonderful tour inside its clear waters.

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St. Beatus Caves | St. Beatus Caves

These caves are more than 1 km long, lit corridors and paths at an altitude of 300 feet on the northeastern shore of Lake Thun.

It also includes rooms and corridors containing stalagmites and stalagmites of very strange shapes formed by nature millions of years ago, and that is why St. Beatus Cave receives large numbers of tourists from all over the world throughout the year as it is one of the important tourist destinations in Switzerland.

The caves contain wonderful fresh water waterfalls that flow from the heart of the rocks below the entrance to the cave, there you will pass through a wooden bridge directly over the waterfall.

The lighting in the caves has made the forms of stalagmites and stalagmites very impressive as a masterpiece that pushes you to delve deeper to explore other places inside the cave.

Oberhofen Castle | Oberhofen Castle

The castle combines the fragrance of history and the beauty of the picturesque nature, between green trees and a blue lake, which gives the landscape a wonderful beauty, and wandering in the castle garden is one of the most beautiful and quiet activities, as it is one of the most beautiful gardens in the region that will charm you with its view of the lake and the colorful flowers that Fill it around.

If you feel hungry, you can try the wonderful castle restaurant, which is characterized by its décor and atmosphere that make you feel as if you are in the Middle Ages.

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