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Tuesday February 25, 2020

Tourism in Heerenveen

The city of Heerenveen has a population of 30,000 people in Friesland, and the city is characterized by sports cathedrals in harmony with its modest size, as the city has the highest ice rink in the Netherlands and is Thialf, which is the highest square ever, for global competition in skiing.

And tourism in Heerenveen is thriving because this charming city owns many attractions and we mention them in the next lines in order.

Sightseeing in Heerenveen

Belvedere Museum

The Belvédère Museum devoted to modern and contemporary art is located in Oranjoud, and was called in the 1920s by the watchtower in the garden, and the award-winning building. The museum was opened in 2004 AD by Queen Beatrix, and deals mainly with Frisian artists such as artist Jean Manx and artist Gerrit Penner, artist Tijs Rinsma.

The exhibition takes you from the nineteenth century to the present, through realism, impressionism, expressionism, new construction and construction, and in late 2018, there were museum displays of Deccan Van Arkel, and Joge Hogemstra, inspired by the Freddy polders, and the Pokag landscape of Friesen. [1]

Sealev Thialf

Skating fast when it is mentioned, the Dutch are mentioned, for the past 35 years, this nation has been carrying out double missions, to reach the World Cup, and to overcome its biggest competitors in the United States of America.

Thialf is one of the cathedrals dedicated to speed skating, and is a square with an area of ​​12500 seats for ice sports, was opened in 1986 AD, was renewed in 2016 AD, and the outdoor skating rink next to it dates back to 1967 AD and was opened by Princess Christina.

Thialf is the best place to ski in the Netherlands, hosting two World Cup events for one season, as well as local matches for the ice hockey team Friesland Flyers, competition in Eredevision, and the Thialf track is famous for its speed and world records at different distances in every season.

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From September to March, you can go to Heerenveen and enjoy the snow, either on the famous 400-meter track, or the unofficial Krabbelbaan. Ski equipment rentals are also available, and there is a special 30-by-30-meter circuit for younger skiers. [2]

palace Crackstate

This Baroque palace, a local building dating back to the nineteenth century, was built by the city’s governor, Johannes Seitz Crack in 1648 AD, according to Frisian tradition, the name of the house is the name of the owner, it is the name of the owner and state Crack’s, and the palace is protected by a trench Through it, a bridge was built in 1775 AD, and the Iron Gate of the Palace dates back to 1819 AD.

A visitor can enjoy going up to the palace, and it is believed that the palace was used as a watchtower, which had been the Crackstate bell ring since 1960 AD, and in 1890 AD a prison was added, to the basement and was used as a torture room during World War II, and later Crackstate Palace has now become a wedding place It is located next to a new city hall built since 1993.

villa Oenemastate

Dating back to 1640 AD, this magnificent villa was built as the residence of Amiros van Onema, and after it was distributed to two local noble families, Oenemastate became the official office of Heerenveen guards of the city of Heerenveen in 1828 AD, then transformed into a municipal hall of the city of Heerenveen from 1876AD.

Located on the railing below the central main building, panels record the construction and restoration of the building in 1876 AD, and it has now become a large café worth a visit so you can see the abundant ceiling panels.

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Heerenveen Museum

You can find detailed information about the history of Heerenveen in this local museum, which contains a collection of historical relics, archaeological artifacts, and works by regional artists such as Symbolist Jan Mankes.

There is an exhibition on the distinguished families that live in Oranjoud, in addition to their poorer counterparts on metal parts, and a very detailed scale model of the city of Heerenveen as it appeared in the year 1830 AD, as you can track the career of Hernavian striker Heerenveen Abe Lestra (1920-1985), And learn about the long links between the city’s industry profession and famous Dutch manufacturers such as bike brand makers, Patavos and Koniklica Smield.

There is also a carved garden, exhibits on contemporary art, and the museum houses a collection of designer stores such as the Heerenveen pharmacy from the nineteenth century.

Ferdinand Domela Neuenhuis Museum

The museum is part of the Heerenveen Museum, but unofficially, it has a separate appeal, as it includes a set of biographies devoted to the first socialist in the Dutch Parliament, such as Ferdinand Domila Neuenhuis (1846-1919) on the Frisian People’s Party and was elected in 1888 AD, and it continued for three Years in the House of Representatives, then turned towards anarchism and revolution.

During his tenure, general suffrage was proposed, an eight-hour working day, an introduction to the minimum wage, the end of the Netherlands war in Aceh, and many other policies that were somewhat progressive during this period, in four areas where you can see some personal property, uncover On his private life, reading extracts from the letters, displaying his library and assessing his influence on the Netherlands at the end of the century and today. [3]

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The windmill

The magnificent Smoke Factory was established on Tjepkema Street in 1849 AD, where flour was grinded by wind energy, and the mill was restored in the early 1970s, the upper floors containing the mill machines were roofed, while the lower floors were made of bricks, and they were raised By six meters in 1898 AD, to raise sails over the surrounding buildings.

Visitors can enjoy watching the mills, at times of visit, on Saturday morning to inspect the Poor and Coleen stones, gears, and spears, all in the event of wind blowing, and in the store attached to the mill, you can see a variety of flour, from bread flour to six types of Cereals, which are all produced in this 170-year-old factory. [4]

Frisian lakes

The city of Heerenveen is located on the eastern side of the Lakes region, which are the Frisian Lakes, which the Netherlands cherishes, but it is not known among visitors from abroad. These 35 lakes, intertwined with rivers and canals, are in fact man-made, having been created by cutting peat that It started in the Middle Ages.

You can take a ride from the center of Heerenveen, through tourist guide offices that own many maps and publications, go to lakes through the country road, and watch cattle or Frisian cows.

And in the summer, the lakes open a world of water activities, whether by sailing, kayaking, standing, windsurfing, windsurfing or watching heritage ships. You can also rent a haul boat, from Heeresloot, which is proud to own a small fleet of boats Steam, and some do not require licenses.

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