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Monday July 13, 2020

Tourism in Greece –

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in which it is possible to spend a wonderful holiday in it, as it attracts many tourists, especially Europeans, in order to spend summer holidays in it, because it is one of the countries that combines the past and the present even for this time as it is famous for the tourist islands, it contains about six thousand An island, in addition to the legendary lands and distinctive weather as its climate is moderate and the wonderful mountain views that are not found in another country, it also contains beaches with blue waters with long grains of sand that resemble pearls.

Mykonos Island

This island is one of the glittering islands of Greece, which celebrities and artists go to because it enjoys a highlevel tourist taste, as it is famous for containing all the activities that appear especially after dark in order to enjoy it well.

This is because it includes within it luxurious restaurants that offer several types of fine seafood that feature it, and hotels that are characterized by high taste, in addition to that it contains several places dedicated to its music, and multiple beaches with charming sand.

It also has many other places that attract tourists, such as the white Paraportiani Church.

It is easy to reach by taxi from Mykonos or buses, and it is also possible to go directly to it without resorting to other places, because it has its own airport and you can reach it by ferry through the port of Athens, Ravenna or even Piraeus.

Santorini Island

One of the most famous and most exciting islands in the world and the most exciting, as this island is located on the west coast and has several wellknown towns such as Oia and Fira, which is one of the best places to spend the summer vacation, in addition to it is one of the most romantic places so a lot goes to it for Her honeymoon, because she is famous for the deep blue sea, and it also has cubic buildings painted white.

There is a large part of those buildings that have been transformed into hotels with a large number of swimming pools. Many tourists can practice activities such as swimming on its volcanic sandy beaches, which are black on both the southern and eastern coasts, while taking solar baths.

It is also possible to visit the archaeological sites there, such as Akrotiri, which dates back to about 3600 years. It is a settlement since ancient times buried under the lava that originated as a result of the volcanic eruption, which is the reason for the emergence of the caldera. [1]

This island can be reached by trains or ferries from the Piraeus port in Athens.


It is a large rocky hill located inside the modern high Athens, and there were crowned by three temples, and the Acropolis is the symbol of Greece and Athens, and this symbol is one of the ancient things that distinguishes Greece as it dates back to a long time to the fifth century BC.

One of the most famous things is the Parthenon, which consists of 58 columns to strengthen the ceiling, which consists of several decorated decorations and a frieze.

There are also several archaeological sites that can be visited such as the Roman Forum and Kerameikos, as well as the Olympic Temple of Zeus and the ancient city of Agora, in addition to that it includes an archaeological park which is a walkway with a length of about 2.5 kilometers.

Meteora Monasteries

There are a group of western rocky monasteries that are located in Meteora, which are six monasteries that the public can visit, and there is also the Thessaly Plain, which is one of the most strange things that anyone can see, and the city of Kalambaka is the closest to it.

These monasteries need to be watched and enjoyed at least one full day in order to watch them well, as they consist of a group of stone stones carved inside the rocks and can be climbed in order to reach the monastery, and see them from the inside where you find a group of Byzantine paintings and sparkling candles as well as burning incense with them and some symbols Religious.

Rhodes Town

This city is considered one of the best tourist places in Greece, as it is an organization that is heavily fortified, which draws attention to a large degree, including inside a group of huge towers and distinctive gates that were built at the hands of St. John’s Persians, after they controlled it, and that was during the fourth century ten.

It includes attractions that attract attention near the coastal city of Lindos, on the hillside, and the city of Marmaris, which is located on the Turkish coast, in addition to that it enables its tourists to walk on foot to enable them to explore them well, because its streets are well paved and free of cars. In the old city.

This island is located on the Aegean Sea near the state of Turkey, and it is one of the largest islands, as it is easily accessible via ferries coming from the port of Piraeus, Athens.

The city of Thessaloniki

This city is the second largest city in Greece after Athens, and it is one of the ancient ancient cities with an interesting history as it was a meeting place for several different cultures and religions, and its foundation dates back to around 316 BC.

It also features a privileged location, as it overlooks the Aegean Sea from the northern side, in addition to its proximity to the states of Bulgaria and Turkey.

It includes a distinct group of attractions that are essential in it where there are Byzantine churches that are on the list of UNESCO, the Arc de Triomphe of Galerius, in addition to a number of archaeological sites dating back to the Romanians and the white tower dating back to the fifteenth century, the Byzantine Museum and the seashore.

Zakynthos Island

Also known as Zante Island, it is one of the most beautiful islands that you can visit and it is one of the most important tourist destinations as it is surrounded by sea water from top and bottom, as it is easy to reach because it is located 16 kilometers from the west coast of Peloponnese located in the Ionian Sea.

This island is characterized by several things that distinguish it, the most important of which is its geographical location, and its beaches that contain gravel and sand, such as the shipwrecks beach which is one of the most famous things, and also includes wonderful marine caves such as the blue caves located on the northern side of the island, and reflect on the walls blue water that resembles The pearls inside make it create a charming and glowing spirit.

Strait of Samaria

This strait is one of the best tourist destinations for outdoor enthusiasts, and this strait is located on the island of Crete at its narrowest point, this strait extends from Umalus located in the white mountains to Agia Romilly located on the Libyan Sea, where its length reaches about 16 kilometers and extends Its width is about four meters.

This strait is on the UNESCO temporary list, and tourists go to it especially in the summer and trips to Chania and Rethimnon begin, and in the case of wanting to walk inside it may take several hours that may reach from five to seven hours, depending on the physical condition and fitness of the individual.

Comfortable walking shoes should be worn because it is steep in some rocky parts, with plenty of water to take while walking.

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