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Tourism in Ethiopia –

The State of Ethiopia is one of the African countries famous for tourism due to the multiplicity and the large number of tourist areas in it, especially the areas for animal hunting, and this is in addition to being distinguished by a charming and picturesque nature that pleases the eyes of everyone who sees it. .

This allows creating great job opportunities by establishing and building tourist hotels and multiple tourist attractions. In 2003, tourism revenues in Ethiopia reached about 335 million US dollars as a result of the entry of 180,000 foreign tourists in Ethiopia, which allows the availability of hard currencies in Ethiopia.

Tourist cities in Ethiopia

There are many Ethiopian tourist cities, where there are mountains, Christian sanctuaries and waterfalls, in addition to the presence of fun fishing and forests, among which are the following tourist cities:

The city of Axum

The Aksum region is the oldest African-Ethiopian city that was known and crowded and densely populated by it, and Aksum was the capital of the Kingdom of Aksumite known for more than a hundred years to this day, and there are many very large stone obelisks and a length of more than 132 meters and a huge weight, where A single obelisk weighs approximately 521 tons, and those obelisks date back to 17 century ago, and Exum contains many ancient and heritage scriptures, as well as the oldest sacred in Ethiopia, which is the humble and sprinkled church and the Church of the Virgin Mary.[1]

Bahir Dar and Lake Tana

The Bahr Dar region is one of the most interesting areas in the state of Ethiopia and through it there is a road that leads to the waterfalls of the Blue Nile, which was about 40 meters in length before the construction of the dam next to it, and through passing in this way you can take a Nile tour by boat to the island of Lake Tana Known as the main habitat of churches and ancient Christian monuments, during your trip you can look for a hippopotamus, and this in addition to the presence of a crowded market with people and sellers, and the presence of cafes and fine restaurants overlooking Lake Tana.[2]

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Bill Mountains

There is a bare rock fossils with pointed teeth and there are a large number of Ethiopian wolves known as the most thing loved by nature lovers, in addition to the Saniti plateau about 1500 meters from the Bell Park, and by wandering in the crooked areas between the mountains you can reach Harina Forest.

Gondar area

Gondar is one of the modern areas of Ethiopia compared to the rest of the ancient archaeological areas, as it dates back to the seventeenth century AD. There is a large group of buildings in Gondar that attract the admiration of everyone who looks at them, in addition to the presence of palaces, ancient castles and churches, and a large group of celebration halls. The Seni Mountains are close by.

Harar City

Harar is one of the most important Ethiopian tourist cities and is famous for the city with a fort because of the many walls surrounding it and the multiplicity of its gates, and there is a lot of Islam and Islamic archaeological areas, where they used to call it the ancient capital of the Islamic Kingdom in Africa, and there you can see and see a large group of monuments, monuments and ancient Islamic books, And its inhabitants speak the Arabic language because of their ancient Arabic origins.

The city of Lalibia

The Lalibia region is one of the most important Ethiopian tourist areas and it is located in the north of Ethiopia, where it is considered the center of Christian heritage due to the large number of churches in it and the people of Ethiopia consider it a center of world heritage for UNESCO.

Debrazit area

The area of ​​Debrezit is characterized by the presence of wonderful greenery and a picturesque view in addition to containing the five best lakes in Ethiopia, so it is one of the main tourist areas that tourists are keen on in their tourism program.

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The city of Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the largest city in Ethiopia and it is also the capital of Ethiopia and it has the center of Ethiopian African political rule, and there are many African international organizations, and there is the African Union Organization, and the United Nations African Economic Organization, and Addis Ababa is not only the capital of Ethiopia but also the capital of African culture for the presence of the palace The National and the museums, as found by the Holy Trinity Cathedral and this is one of the greatest Christian monuments.[3]

The Dunkell Desert

This region is known as the most dry Ethiopian region in all parts of the world, and yet there is a lot of snow on top, it is a wonderful opportunity for those who love such an atmosphere.

Ethiopian National Museum

The National Museum is considered one of the most important regions in Ethiopia and Africa, where it has many exhibitions, such as the Baleonutology Gallery, which is home to the world-famous Lucy inductions, where those inquiries were discovered in northwestern Ethiopia in an area known as the Afar region of Ethiopia in 1974, and the museum also exists A large collection of fine arts and old drawings and oil paintings that were drawn by multiple contemporary artists and artists, and there is also a large collection of ancient weapons, household tools and handcraft in the museum. The Ra’s collection is located on the upper floor of the museum. Ah amazing and very old jewelry.[3]

The best date for tourism in Ethiopia

The country of Ethiopia is known for its high temperatures during most of the year, due to its proximity to the equator, so it is preferable to visit Ethiopia from October to April, so that you can enjoy the natural scenery and spend enjoyable tourist tours without being affected by the high temperatures, then by this time the weather Very warm and magnificent, with less precipitation in Ethiopia.

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Hotels in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a large group of large and luxurious hotels in most of its cities, especially in the city of Addis Ababa, where there are an infinite large number of tourist hotels of all degrees and different categories to suit all visitors.

Golden Tulip Addis Ababa Hotel

Golden Tulip Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ethiopia, especially in the Addis Ababa area, about 2 km from Ethiopia Airport, and there are a lot of shopping centers and malls near it, as well as it is near the Orthodox Church, and the hotel also distinguishes delivery service wherever visitors want it without Take any money from them, and Golden Tulip Hotel has a private car park.

The Getham Hotel

The Getham Hotel is about 5 km from the city of Addis Ababa and is centered in the city center, and one of its most important characteristics is that it overlooks the mountains, which creates a wonderful and different view. The hotel also has a free delivery service and a parking place, and the hotel also has a distinct spa and gym.

Radio Blue Hotel

The hotel is located in the north center of Addis Ababa, and it is located near the St. George Gallery, which is known to contain many wonderful art and decorative paintings.

Capital Hotel

It is one of the most important Ethiopian hotels, as it is just 10 minutes drive from Addis Ababa Airport. The hotel has a spa and a wonderful water bath, and it has a free gym.

The currency used in Ethiopia

The base currency of Ethiopia is the Ethiopian birr, which equals 100 US cents. There are 4 denominations of banknotes (5, 10, 50, 100) for Bir.

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