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Tuesday February 25, 2020

Tourism in Dordrecht

If you are a fan of traveling and exploring new places and cities, do not hesitate for a moment to visit close to the Netherlands and specifically in Dordrecht, which is the oldest city in the Netherlands, and enjoy countless modern and heritage tourist places, such as monuments, museums, old warehouses and busy commercial streets, which revive Remembering the rich history of this city with water.

And do not forget to visit the great monuments such as the Great Church and the Het Hof and the old mayor’s home, Huis van Gijn, and see the city’s internal ports, monuments and historical sites. , And all necessary information and details regarding it.

Where is Dordrecht located?

Dordrecht, in the province of South Holland, is known as the oldest city in the Netherlands as a whole, and there is some controversy about the origin of the name, which means the way in Dutch, and the reason for its name is due to the fact that the city is located on an island, and was historically an important part of shipping lines Since it was established, where it is already bounded by five different rivers, Dordrecht remains a culturally and historically important city. Dordrecht residents are known as Dordt, and the city was also named Dort by the English who valued it as a commercial port.[1]

Dordrecht History

Ironically, the first mention of the city was in 846, when the Vikings were said to have plundered and set fire to the city. Then the city became an important city during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Especially with its reputation primarily for its trade in wine, wood and grains, its geographical location has given it strategic market importance with merchants from all over the world, yet the city only became an island with the flood of 1421, known as the Flood of St. Elizabeth.

If you visit Dordrecht, you will find that history, wealth and culture are still visible, not only in the historic city center of Dordrecht, which includes about 1000 monuments, but the city is also full of exquisite places such as restaurants, museums and theaters.[2]

Tourist Dordrecht today

You can clearly see the rich history of Dordrecht, if you walk through the ports of the old city and the monuments and museums therein, you can also visit the Grote Kerk absolute church, a collection of famous Dordrecht museum paintings, and the wonderful interior architecture of the old mayor’s home, Huis van Gijn and Augustine Abbey It was established in the thirteenth century. The city has preserved much of the historic heritage of Dordrecht and turned it into tourist areas, which is why you will find many historical buildings used as restaurants or stores, and a wonderful example of this is the ancient water tower, where today you can find the wonderful Villa Augustus hotel and restaurant in this The place, a very special place to spend the night.

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Today, the city of Dordrecht is the sixth largest seaport in the Netherlands, and is mainly famous for shipbuilding and timber and steel industry, and the city is currently working on a huge tourism revitalization project, aimed at bringing more business services to the region.

Discover Dordrecht on foot. This will make your visit to the city more distinctive, for example; get a special stroll next to the inner city ports, monuments, important historical sites and attractive shopping streets, as you can sail through the old ports on an electric boat, which will take you to the antique houses, which were built In the water and under the dark bridges.[3]

Food in Dordrecht

Shepherdsplein, Statenplein and Groothoved are real hospitality arenas for visitors from everywhere, if your visit is in early spring, you will be able to enjoy a drink and snack on one of the terraces or in restaurants, and the marina and side streets also include wonderful restaurants, hidden restaurants and inexpensive terraces, The impressive National Park De Biesbosch Nature Reserve is also close to Dordrecht, as well as the famous windmills of Kinderdijk, which you can visit using a bike. You will also find the global coastal city of Rotterdam, where you can enjoy the architecture and modern museums, and experience delicious food in Maken scattered all very clean.

Accommodation in Dordrecht

Whether you prefer budget hotels, romantic hotels or boutique hotels, you will find them all available in the heart of the city or just outside the center, all of which are great hotels that suit any preference and any budget.[4]

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The best tourist places in Dordrecht

Dordrecht Groot Kirk Church

This church is the tallest church in Dordrecht, and it is one of the many churches in the Netherlands named after the Grote Kerk, and it has a large bell and an hour tower, and you can see church towers from the top buildings surrounding them in the old town, and the history of the Grote Kerk Church dates back to The eleventh century has been used for hundreds of years as an important religious building. The interior of the church is replete with exquisite antiques, a collection of ornate wooden stalls, archways and umbrellas with a beautiful stone ceiling, and there are a large number of stunning glass windows and religious artworks.

Van Jin Museum

This unique museum was a house of its owner Simon van Gijn, and was amazingly restored to its original state. The museum includes a number of pieces of furniture, fixtures and decor from the period that it was founded, Simon Van Gyen was the collector of a large group of Various things, such as antiques, decorations, and rare pieces, many of which can be seen inside his home today, and the museum is divided into many different rooms including the dining room, garden room and kitchen, all decorated in Dutch Renaissance style and taking you back to a different era.[5]

Parc de Biesbuch National Park

This park is considered to be one of the largest national parks in the Netherlands, and the De Biesbuch park covers more than 90 square kilometers, and it is mostly a wet area, which has a lot of fresh water landscapes, and the park consists of many interlocking waterways, islands, lakes and swamps, which is something Especially interesting since many visitors love the diversity, you find the garden is replete with a large collection of willow forests and grasslands, colors and life and it is an important reserve to take care of different types of geese, and you can enjoy countless activities here, such as cycling in the mountain For hiking, kayaking and bird watching, you can also take a guided boat tour, stay in one of the camping huts, try horseback riding or simply rent your own boat and explore the place and nature on your own.

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To truly discover Dordrecht and what makes this place so inspiring, nothing is better than taking a guided boat tour of many waterways, across the city limits. Dordrecht offers an affordable and informative boat trip that takes you through the internal and external channels in the waters surrounding Dordrecht, you will not be disappointed during this long hour-long boat tour, and the guide provides a wide range of information about the city, the sights and scenery that you pass Simply put, it’s a great and interesting tour, and for a comfortable way to see the city from a different perspective, this boat tour is undoubtedly the best option.[6]

1940-1945 Museum

This institution is one of the most beautiful museums of the beautiful Dordrecht, and is dedicated to displaying relics from World War II, especially how they affected the Dordrecht region, and this museum is one of the most wonderful places you can visit, and includes a large collection of weapons, uniforms and other artifacts from these The time period, and although only a small building, the museum offers countless educational opportunities, provides a fascinating review of the war, how it began, and how it affected the Netherlands as a nation.

Canoeing in the national bispos

For those who like physical activity, blazing in the great outdoors, paddling in the Biesbush National Park is extremely exceptional, there is plenty of water to explore, and the swamps and river beds of this beautiful park will impress you, especially as you rowed quickly. The kayaking trip starts from the Biesbush National Park in Dordrecht, and the beginners’ path lasts about two hours, takes them across a series of small winding streams, where you can get to know nature more, there is also an unspecified path for a longer period of kayaking, that takes you across the wider waterways and provides Comprehensive views of the garden view.[7]

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