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Tuesday February 25, 2020

Tourism in Cuforden, The Netherlands

It is the oldest city in the province of Drenthe, the city of Cooforden is located around a castle in Ford on the road between Munster and Groningen, and in the seventeenth century the city was completely redeveloped into a fortress by the Dutch military mastermind of Mino van Kohorn.

A concentric polygonal street pattern, and a star-shaped outer moat, still exist to this day, and a piece of moat is still on the road from the old city center to the north, and it is now the green Van Heutszpark, and the castle’s arsenal has retained the Municipal Museum, and includes the old castle Coevorden has a hotel and restaurant.

The city is a comfortable art painting for the spectators as if it was painted by a creative artist, so tourism in Cooforden, the Netherlands, visitors always put on the list of favorite places to relax and have fun, due to the many sights in it, which we will highlight in detail in the coming lines.

Landmarks of Koufforden, Netherlands

The Stedelijk Museum in Cuforden

The renovated 17th-century Coffordon Arsenal is located opposite the market, and contains the library and the Municipal Museum. The museum was completely renovated in 2013 and depicts the history of the city of Coevorden completely, from the early days of the castle to the twenty-first century.

Among the most interesting displays of the museum, is a 36-meter-long timeline, with artifacts such as excavations, weapons, pottery and tools, book binding and shields, all enhanced by interactive panels and multimedia, in addition to seven models on a large scale that embody all the stages of Coevorden in different periods, Including a model showing the intricate system of castles and sidewalks since the seventeenth century.

Exhibits throughout the historic periods at the Stedelijk Coforden Museum include local music, architecture and folk traditions of Coforden.

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Van Cuforden Castle

In the midst of the city’s polygonal street plan, Van Cuforden Castle dates back to 1522 AD, when it was rebuilt by Charles II, Duke of Guilders , By the twentieth century, the Renaissance Palace fell into disrepair, and after the brick monument was purchased by the municipality, only part of it was restored.

The castle has now become a hotel and restaurant, and its former walls can be approached, surrounded by green lawns armed with cannons, as the medieval castle that preceded this building appears on the map of Drenthe County, and it had huge strategic importance, as it carries rich fees along the crossing road, between the cities of Munster The Hanseatic Groningen, and the courtyard today is an exciting place to eat meals, amid a green space in the heart of the city. [1]

Herfordec Kirk Church

Coforden includes one of the oldest Protestant churches in the Netherlands, but in the 1930s the building became dilapidated. At first there was a shortage of funds to restore it, but the money was no longer a problem. A beer was sold on Coffordon, as a reform method and to encourage full participation In the church, the church has a similar octagonal plan and four huge columns in its hall.

The roof of the church was burned in the seventeenth century, and the church was restored and developed in the nineteenth century, so an exhibition was opened in 1897 AD, and the history of the restored wooden gallery dates back to the seventeenth century. [2]

Van Hootts Park

Van Heutszpark Water Tower is located in a clogged ditch, to the old defensive hotel in Cuforden, and has a comfortable green space, where you can take a walk next to the water with the opportunity to see ducks and boats roaming the lake.

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This waterway represents the eastern border of the park, and is surrounded by a cycling path under mature trees, and the wonderful water tower, which stands above the park from the south, dates back to 1914 AD and contains a tank of 150 cubic meters.

Another thing that can be enjoyed in the garden is Oranjebank, which is a memorial seat built of bricks to celebrate the birth of Princess Beatrix in 1939, and on the back wall of this monument there are medals depicting the grandmother of Beatrix, Queen Wilhelmina, her parents, the future Queen Juliana, and Prince Bernhard From Libyan Bestfield. [3]

The archaeological site of Ellert and Brammert

You can follow the cultural history of South Drenthe, in this open-air archaeological house in Schönord, and the attraction point of this archaeological house is the legend of a giant couple, Ellert and Brammert, who according to folk tales written by seventeenth-century historian Johann Piccardt, lived in a hut under swamp.

The Giants used to lay traps on the tracks using bells on the strings, and if anyone passed through them the bells rang, and then encircled and hit them with clubs, and the museum deals with more details about the legend, and about the location of this archaeological house is a group of historical country buildings, and there is a church A prison prison, model homes, a school of traditional crafts, and other buildings. [4]

Small zoo

On the way to Hardenburg there is a small zoo run by a family, offering all it can to delight visitors, as you enter face-to-face with birds including the epicus, the cocaporas, the cactus, the parrots, the cyclist, and a group of waterfowl.

And the garden has a wonderful green landscape, in addition to the small lake, and the area where the zoo is located includes a walkway with breaks that you want to sit to enjoy the scenic landscapes. There is also a mini-golf course in nine holes, and seven holes of billiard golf, Clean small restaurant serving local delicacies and fast food.

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Cuforden Indoor Park

Attached to the nearby Center Parcs, an indoor theme park with attractions, and shows related to TV programs invented by a Belgian studio 100 TV. The park targets children up to the age of eight and has the most popular cartoon characters for children such as Samson en Gert, Piet Piraat, Mega Mindy and Kabouter Plop known in the Netherlands and Belgium.

And it’s not just the younger kids, they’re the ones who will be happy and have fun in the park. Adults have games to suit them including bumper cars, boats, ride games, stadiums, ball pitches, a ball pool, and inside the park a small new zoo, and a classic Japanese cartoon exhibition.

Belden Garden Gallery in Guess

Located on a beautiful corner of the Drenthe countryside, Beelden in Gees blends on site the garden and art gallery, where seasonal exhibits of modern statues are available. The garden also contains pans, vast lawns, secluded mounds, and corners of all-flowering plants.

There are benches all over the park, so you can stop to relax and contemplate the water lilies, stunning garden scenes or artworks, and the park offers two shows per year, with a larger summer gallery, focused on sculpting, but also exhibits drawing and applied art, in the airy garden pavilion More than 30 artists participate in this event from April to September, and there is another smaller exhibition in the fall, from October to December.

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