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Thursday February 20, 2020

Tourism in Clewiston

The city of Clyston is home to about 7,000 people, located in the county of Hendry in central Florida, on the southwest shore of Lake Okeechobee, and before it was formally settled, it was inhabited by the Seminole American population, dating back more than 100 years, and was one of the largest sugar-producing cities in the state.

The city of Clyston is relatively equal between the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf, which opens up many quick daily tour options by car, but for visitors who prefer to stay longer, to enjoy more of the city, tourism in Clyston gives them a variety of historical, natural and cultural options, to enjoy their visit and know more closely .

Indian Museum

The people of Seminole lived in a large part of what is now known as Florida, and for countless generations before it was settled, if I was interested in knowing the culture of these residents closely, then there is no better way than visiting the Indian Museum uh-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Indian. Museum.

The museum is located in the city of Clewiston, west of the road on the city limits, and the museum contains more than 100,000 unique artifacts, including art, clothing, weapons and objects that Seminole residents used in their daily lives.[1]

The Okeechobee Lake pedestrian pass

The Okeechobi Lake Trail stretches over 100 miles, passes a variety of unique natural habitats, and is one of the largest tracks of its kind in the entire city.

It is also part of the scenic Florida National Pass, which runs between Pensacola in Panhandle, Miami in South Florida, and a large portion of the scenic Okeechobee Lake Walkway is part of the lake perimeter, providing visitors with unique opportunities to see wildlife , And to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy Florida as it was before the hustle and bustle of the residents, knowing that nearly half of the lane is paved, making it suitable for strollers and wheelchairs in those areas.

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Cleoston Museum

The Clewiston Museum is located on Central Avenue in Clewiston, a convenient and inexpensive attraction, and is a great place for travel history lovers and local culture lovers. The museum is housed within an old, but refurbished building full of artifacts, photographs, documents and relics from everyday life For residents who have settled and lived in the area in the past.

The museum is open daily for visitors, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. during the week, with a special appointment on weekends, admission for a small number of dollars, and discounts are available for adults and students.[2]

Clewiston Golf Course

More than 6,300 yards from the starting point of the stadium, the 18-hole Clewiston Golf Course can generally be completed within three to four hours, depending on how busy it is, and the Model 72 stadium is always open to the public, and all visitors have commented. For a golf course, on well-manicured greenery, and gorgeous paths, compared to other public stadiums in the area, Clewiston Golf Course is located off Interstate 27 and is especially accessible to residents of the Palm Beach coast.

Civic Park

Local public parks are often ignored by travelers, who mean the major tourist destinations, and the most commercial tourist attractions, but for visitors who travel on a budget, they prefer to spend quality time outdoors, without spending half a day in the car to reach somewhere and often it is crowded .

Civic Park is located on more than four acres, and it is not the largest park in the city, but it includes covered halls, picnic tables, and abundant hiking paths, it also hosts a famous concert in the park series, as well as other annual festivals that attract audiences.

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Billy Safari Swamp

Florida is full of swamps full of natural charm, an abundance of unique wildlife, and swampy tours are ranked among the most popular holiday activities in the state. Swamps also offer a variety of tour options, including air boats and buggy, so enjoy a visit to Billy Safari.


If you are a high-adrenaline addict and if you are looking for excitement, there is nothing comparable to flying from a plane thousands of feet above the ground, skydiving in Skydive Spaceland Florida, the famous landmark is located on Everglades Boulevard in Clearstone, He is a well-known teacher owned by a family with experience in this field for more than 15 years.

From beginners to seasoned professional jumpers, they have options to suit almost everyone, and everyone who has never parachuted will get to listen to directions and training, which he needs to enjoy an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, the place is open to visit, from Thursday to Monday, from 9 am until sunset the sun.[3]

Sugar Festival in Clewiston

Sugar plantations and sugar refining facilities were born in the city of Clewiston, as well as a large part of the region’s revenues and economy, and the origins of the Clewiston Sugar Festival dates back to the thirties of the last century, when the United States Sugar Company held for the first time a celebration of its employees.

The Sugar Festival attracts visitors from all over the state, and includes great food, direct entertainment, a car show, and even a day of heritage at the local museum, and for many visitors who have come across the festival in recent years, they have recognized it as one of the most memorable experiences on their trip to the city Clewiston. [4]

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Lake Okeechobee

Florida seems to have more than its fair share of natural wonders, and Lake Okeechobee is one of the most prominent. What distinguishes Lake Okeechobee is its enormous area, which gives visitors an opportunity to see wonderful spaces with stunning landscapes, and practice many outdoor recreational activities. The lake’s famous features are that it is home to the largest barges rock in the state.

Butterflies garden

Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden is located in Cape Coral east of Clewiston, and the place is dedicated to providing a safe haven for the original types of butterflies before returning them to the wild. The park is located inside Cape Coral’s Rotary Park, and many visitors are amazed to watch the stages Different life cycles in which butterflies go through in a relatively short time.

Free tours are offered weekly by the garden, on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, and are led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, which makes it an enjoyable and educational experience for visitors of all ages and interests, so enjoy your visit.

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