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Thursday September 24, 2020

Tourism in Abha – the most beautiful events and facilities for an unforgettable vacation

At an altitude of 2,200 meters above the level of the Red Sea, and at the Hijaz Mountains in the far southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sits the city of Abha, or “Abha Bahia,” as it is called.

The city of Abha, located in the Asir region, is a popular holiday destination during the summer months due to its beautiful scenery, the famous misty mountain peaks and its cool breezes, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the summer.

It has also achieved tourist fame in a relatively short time, as in 2017 the number of tourists reached about 4.4 million tourists, and in the same year it was awarded the title of the Capital of Arab Tourism by the Arab Tourism Organization in the League of Arab States.

The journey to develop tourism began in Abha since 1997, when the first conference on domestic tourism was held in Abha under the patronage of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz – may God have mercy on him – who recommended the establishment of a tourism body later called (the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage) to start Its work in organizing the tourism sector and developing strategies, regulations and projects to launch tourism in the city.

There are many places and attractions in Abha, and the most prominent of these are the following:

Abu Khayal Park

The garden is a family park, in which many activities can be done, as it contains recreational facilities, a children’s playground, a restaurant, and it is possible to enjoy watching a wide range of rare plants and animals.

Lake Dam Park

The park is located on the lake of the Abha Dam, and includes large areas for hiking, and these areas include green areas filled with colorful flowers, walking paths, and some restaurants rich in popular foods.

Shamsan Castle

The ancient Shamsan Castle stands on a mediumrise mountain near the city of Abha, and it is a historical symbol for the Asir region and the city of Abha, as its establishment dates back to about 3 thousand years BC, and many civilizations passed over it, such as the Ottoman civilization that used the castle as a military fortress to protect the city from external invasions. And during the period of Saudi rule, the castle became a military barracks and a site from which cannons of Ramadan launch.

The historic Shada Palace

This palace was built in 1927 AD at the request of King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Saud to the financial director of the city of Abha at the time, Sheikh Abd alWahhab Abu Malha.

The Outstanding Village

This ancient village is located on the top of the Sarawat Mountains, as it can only be accessed by cable car, and the village is characterized by its picturesque landscapes, simple homes, and a number of cafes and restaurants scattered there.

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The tourist city of Abha provides its visitors with many activities to do, such as attending the events and festivals of the tourist city of Abha, where visitors to the city enjoy the many activities that the city hosts, such as summer festivals, sporting events, and traditional music performances, among the most famous of these festivals are the Abha Festival, which is held annually during the summer season, and the Festival More than 500 companies and institutions participate in shopping, in addition to some government participation, and there is also a free clinic in the festival. It is an entertainment festival that contains an integrated games city, and offers a range of activities and various shows, such as Tank shows, flying car show, world circus, butterfly world, indoor theater, dark band, and zoo, and a number of prizes and daily gifts are presented during the shows.

Visitors also like to wander the busy central market, which displays fresh local produce, and many handicrafts. In addition to visiting the Green Mountain, there the visitor will be able to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city from the top, in the Green Mountain Observatory located in Abha.

You can also enjoy a meal in a restaurant located on the top of the hill in the heart of the city, and enjoy the green lights that are lit at night, from which the mountain derives its name.

The region is the original home of the Hamadryas Baboon monkeys, as they live in the mountain ranges of the city of Abha, so tourists feed these monkeys, and this is a popular activity for city tourists.

Which times are best to visit Abha?

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The answer to this question is somewhat difficult, as every season of the year is characterized by a number of enjoyable activities for tourists, and the times of visiting the city can be divided as follows:

  • In winter, that is, during December, January and February, the weather is very cold, but visiting Abha is ideal at this time for tourists to see the sights in the city, where the temperature ranges between 6 ° -26 ° C, With a moisture content of 63%.
  • Spring season, which is in the month of March, April and May, the weather is warm with moderate temperatures averaging about 19 ° C, and the humidity is appropriate, and this is the right weather for tourists to enjoy exploring the city of Abha on foot.
  • When visiting Abha during the months of June and July, the weather is dry, and temperatures range between 15 ° -34 ° Celsius, as the tourism season increases in the city during this period, and tourists perform many tourist activities.
  • While tourism reaches its peak in the months of August and September despite the prevalence of dry weather, but the temperatures are ideal for exploring the city’s attractions, ranging from 15 ° -31 ° Celsius.
  • As for the month of October, the weather is moderate, as temperatures during this month range between 12 ° -27 ° Celsius. While the air when visiting Abha during the month of November is 62% humid, and the average temperatures are around 17 ° Celsius, so the weather is moderate and suitable for visiting the city.

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