Consequences of cheating

Cheating has serious consequences, including the following:

God’s wrath

Cheating has many consequences that affect the religion of the individual, including: the innocence of the Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – from the perpetrators, and the cheater is considered one of the hypocrites, especially since he makes God the least of those who look at him, so he commits cheating without caring that cheating is a major sin, which is clear evidence of weak faith the individual,[1]The deceiver is far from God Almighty, which is a path that leads to the fire of Hell, and it is one of the reasons that prevent the answer to prayer.[2]

Aversion to cheating people

There are many manifestations of cheating, and cheating in all its manifestations is a betrayal of the trust that God has entrusted man with carrying and maintaining, and it is one of the causes of discrimination between people, because it encroaches on the rights of others and eats people’s money unjustly, and this causes people to hate the cheating person and alienate people from him and not deal with him ,[1]Because people consider the cheater among the people of darkness, traitors and liars, and the cheater has no mercy in his heart, and he is selfish and loves only himself.[3]

right blessing

Cheating causes the rightful blessing in livelihood, and it also causes a lack of trust among members of society, and makes the cheater less vigorous and unable to collect, and produces dependent, failed generations unable to collect and take responsibility.[1]Cheating is also evidence of the wickedness of the cheater and the lowliness of himself, and it is one of the reasons that lead to the domination of the infidels and the oppressors, and it is deprived of the blessing of life just as it is deprived of the blessing of money.[2]

shake confidence

Cheating is a reason for destabilizing trust between people in society, a reason for severing relations and ties between people, arousing hatred and malice among them, spreading corruption and wasting people’s interests, and this makes people look at the cheater with contempt and contempt.[3]

Wasting good deeds

Cheating is a reason for wasting good deeds and carrying the bad deeds of others, because the cheater takes their money, so God punishes him by taking from his good deeds and putting on him the bad deeds of those who deceive them.[3]

Reasons for cheating

There are many reasons that lead to a person cheating, including the following:[1]

  • Lack of fear of God Almighty and weakness of faith in Him.
  • Not knowing that cheating is a major sin, and not knowing the sanctity of this behavior.
  • Lack of sincerity of intention to God Almighty at work.
  • Caring for the world and its decoration and collecting money by any means.
  • Negligence in the application of deterrent punishment for the perpetrators of the crime of fraud.
  • Bad companions.
  • Improper education, which is incompatible with the morals and etiquette of Islam.
  • Not being convinced of God’s omnipotence.
  • Not remembering death and the hereafter and the punishment of God.

the reviewer

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