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Thursday July 9, 2020

Top 6 free beaches in Dubai

I mean summer in Dubai is to spend more time on its wonderful and varied beaches, by taking out sunglasses, putting on a special sunscreen, and heading to the most beautiful beaches that Dubai owns and enjoying sand and sea, and of course this is not exclusive to only the summer, but you can enjoy the winter Also in the different beaches of Dubai, the mild cliff that is distinguished in winter makes you want to experience the sea in it.

Dubai beaches

Visiting the beaches while you are in Dubai is one of the activities that must be undertaken, although Dubai does not place itself among the tourist destinations that you can spend a vacation with because of its extremely hot climate, especially in the summer, and despite that the city has invested everything that it has Of attractive and enjoyable beaches in providing different types of services, one of the most important is relaxing in a beautiful and distinct atmosphere, and enjoy doing various types of activities, and also providing the best types of food, all of this in free public beaches.[1]

The most beautiful free beaches in Dubai

Jumeirah open beach Dubai

The Jumeirah Open Beach is one of the most public beaches that are visited daily, as it has great popularity, whether residents of Dubai or residents or tourists, entry is completely free, and there are many baths and rooms for change, especially for those who want to experience diving in the sea, The beach has many lifeguards, there are a few cafes and restaurants, and there is a special jogging track for jogging or walking, and it is one of the most important public beaches in Dubai that offers a variety of water sports including surfing and surfing.

And also it is considered the most important place for the residents of the Jumeirah neighborhood in particular, this public beach in Dubai is located near the houses that are located inside the Jumeirah neighborhood, where the beach opens its time within 24 hours, but you can enjoy swimming in the beach in the morning period only until sunset after that no Swimming is permitted in the beach, as we mentioned earlier it contains many bathrooms, changing rooms, jogging path, and also a variety of cafes and restaurants nearby which include JJ Chicken, Bu Qtair, Fili Cafe.

Kite Beach by Miras

It is considered the beach by the name it is one of the most beaches that enjoy watching kites in Dubai, and also it is considered one of the most famous public beaches in Dubai, where Kite Beach also features a group of distinctive views of the ocean, and there is also a large group of food trucks, and sun loungers for work Continuously throughout the day, enjoying a range of water sports and manicured sands that extend along the azure beach of the waters.

The beach has a jogging track, also stationary exercise stations, and many beach volleyball courts and even a gym on the beach, and this makes it one of the best beaches that exist in the city of Bear, it is also ideal for fitness lovers, as it contains the beach library The only one in Dubai, which is also something special and ideal for book lovers and beach readers.

Another thing that the beach is famous for is the presence of a list of the best food trucks in Dubai and even the most famous. The Kite Beach opens its times in 24 hours, but it is not possible to enjoy and reach swimming except until sunset only. Then, sunset prevents swimming in the beach, the beach contains Mexican cuisine and salt, and also a variety and distinctive facilities including Kitesurfing, paddle boarding and other water sports, beach library, jogging track, beach golf halls, volleyball networks, food trucks, beach chairs, showers, and changing rooms, and do not forget that it is free beaches.

Sunset Beach, Jumeirah

Sunset Kite Beach, Sunset Beach or Umm Suqeim Beach is famous for being one of the most prominent selfie places in Dubai, it is through taking pictures next to the famous Burj Arab in the background, it is the preferred successor to all images, whether from residents or residents of rented villas in Jumeirah, and this is among the best free beaches in Dubai, bearing this appropriate name one of the most relaxing public beaches in Dubai where you can watch the sunset and relax on the sand.

This is also one of the best beaches in Dubai for fans to watch the waves and enjoy their riding skills, it is close to the quiet Umm Suqeim Park, which makes it ideal for spending a day with children, and it is one of the few beaches that can be allowed to swim in the night, so you can relax with a refreshing swim while you are You see the sun setting and disappearing in the water, and you can also swim and enjoy the sunrise until sunset, it contains many facilities including places for showers, toilets, and small barriers, and also an ideal place for surfing, they have a lot of restaurants and cafes nearby, including the Jumeirah Fish Grill.

The northern beach on the Pearl of Jumeirah

One of the other free beaches in Dubai that is located inside the Jumeirah area is the northern beach on the Pearl of Jumeirah in the small manmade island, where it is near the Port Rashid area, and right next to Nikki Beach which is one of the famous beach clubs in Dubai, the beach is characterized by clear blue water The sandy beaches of white color, the north beach is famous for a variety of wonderful water sports activities that can be enjoyed in the face of the Dubai skyline, the beach is opened from the moment of sunrise to sunset, there are many facilities that feature the beach and it is a sandy and surfing position by kite Boarding, and there are restaurants and cafes nearby, including Nikki Beach

Jumeirah Beach, Miras Beach

If you like to spend a family day at the beach with a place to shop and some great foods and exciting activities, then you can enjoy all this in one day and one place which is Miras Beach, this is the right beach for this task, as there is a large group of luxury restaurants and also a variety of sports Water to enjoy, JBR Beach is the ideal beach for families with varied tastes to gather and spend an enjoyable day outdoors, where families can experience activities such as banana rides, surfing, water skiing and also a jogging track for those who wish to exercise.

It is the closest beach to the residents of JBR Apartments, and sun lovers can enjoy breathtaking views of the upcoming Bluewaters Island and Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel.Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 10 am to 11 pm, and from Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to mid Night, where there are a lot of services including camel rides, beach chairs, showers, cabanas, juice bars, water sports and shopping, and nearby restaurants and cafes including Leopold’s of London, Bombay Bungalow, Cheesecake Factory etc, and don’t forget that it is a free beach.

Lamir Dubai

One of the new public beaches in Dubai and opened in 2018, where he drew the favorite beach of La Mer is the favorite beach on Instagram because of its twinkling lights that reflect the beauty of the city of Dubai, where it is considered the beach of choice for water sports lovers, including diving in the sea contains a variety of restaurants And cafes including Masti and Star’N’Bars, and also favorite fast food providers including Five Guys, Salt and Parkers, with the newly opened Laguna Waterpark, a children’s trampoline to enjoy and a host of new activities.

La Mer is one of the best places for the whole family to listen to, as the beach is open on weekdays from Sunday to Wednesday, from 10 am to 10 pm, and weekends from Thursday to Saturday from 10 am until midnight, and there are many Facilities include showers, cabins, water sports and the park, and all this and do not forget that it is one of the free beaches.[2]

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