Top 5 Hostels for Digital Nomads Voted as Best in the World

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Best Hostels for Digital Nomads

As travel continues to surge worldwide, many people are choosing to stay at hostels instead of luxury hotels. Hostels can be found almost anywhere and are popular with solo travelers, especially in common backpacking destinations like Europe. While some horror stories exist, many hostels are comfortable and surprising in the best ways.

The Hoscars

To showcase the best of the best, popular online hostel agency Hostelworld created the Hoscars, which recognizes top hostels in select categories. For digital nomads, having certain amenities is essential to having a comfortable work environment on the road.

Best for Remote Workers

The best hostel for remote workers, according to the Hoscars, is the Soul Kitchen Hostel in St. Petersburg, Russia. It boasts a coworking space, meeting rooms, and a library. It also has a bar and lounge area for socializing.

Best for Digital Nomads

For those looking for a more social atmosphere, the best hostel for digital nomads is the Selina Cowork in Medellin, Colombia. It has a coworking space and private offices. It also features events such as salsa classes and cooking workshops.

Other Top Hostels

Other top hostels for remote workers and digital nomads include:

– Cocomama, Amsterdam, Netherlands
– Stay Inn Lisbon Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal
– The Passenger Hostel, Porto, Portugal
– The Hat, Madrid, Spain
– Ostello Bello Grande, Milan, Italy


Are hostels safe for solo travelers?

Hostels can be safe for solo travelers, but it is important to do research and read reviews before booking. It is also important to keep personal belongings secure and be cautious in unfamiliar areas.

Are hostels only for young backpackers?

While hostels are popular with young backpackers, people of all ages and backgrounds stay in hostels. Some hostels even offer private rooms for families and couples.

Do hostels provide towels and bedding?

Most hostels provide bedding, but towels may not always be included. It is best to check with the hostel beforehand or bring your own.

Can I work from a hostel as a digital nomad?

Yes, many hostels have coworking spaces or quiet areas for work. It is important to make sure the hostel has reliable internet before booking.

How do I book a hostel?

Hostels can be booked through popular online hostel agencies like Hostelworld or It is also possible to book directly through the hostel’s website.