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Saturday June 27, 2020

Top 10 medical tourism areas in Egypt

Medical tourism in Egypt is one of the most important medical services that it provides to tourists, especially in the recent period, as it took care of it a lot in famous tourist places in order to provide natural remedies that help them get rid of the pain and various health problems that the visitor feels to those places, the tourists go To places that depend on natural resources, which have properties that cure many diseases, and provide them with great comfort and relaxation. Among these areas that attract tourists are sulfur water baths and hot sand, as well as springs with mineral water and mud, so Egypt is one of the most important countries in providing medical tourism to its visitors.

The importance of medical tourism

The tourist goes to the countries that contain places that provide him with rest, relaxation and recuperation with treatment as well as the lowest possible costs, in addition to that he can spend an enjoyable time inside him to get rid of the psychological and physical pain and promote the general health of him and his family in it.

Egypt is considered one of the most important countries but one of the first to provide medical tourism, because it contains:

  • Mineral water and groundwater.
  • Soil containing all the important elements and materials that the body needs to recover from all diseases.
  • It also contains sulfur water springs that contain within it a unique and unique group of chemicals and minerals important to the body, such as the Siwa Oasis, which includes a group of sulfur minerals that may exceed the proportion in the world.
  • These sulfur baths contain therapeutic clay that cures many bone and skin diseases, respiratory diseases and rheumatism.

Top 10 medical tourism areas in Egypt

Marine oases

The Bahariya Oasis is located in the Western Desert, which is inside the Giza Governorate, where it is about 370 km from Cairo Governorate, and it includes a group of oases located in the ElOued Valley, which extends from the northeast to the southwest.

This valley is about 2000 km long and is surrounded by a variety of water springs and mountains.[1]

Dakrur Mountain

This mountain is one of the most famous tourist places specialized in treatment and providing distinguished medical services, as it helps patients because of its healing properties and hot sands famous since ancient times, this mountain is located about 3 km southeast of Siwa Oasis, which is characterized by wonderful sulfur water in treatment.

Kharga Oasis

This oasis contains several wells that are distinguished by the remarkable therapeutic benefits in recovering from many diseases, as it contributes to treatment of various skin diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatic diseases, and works to relieve chronic pain and various disorders that affect the digestive system, in addition to that it helps to get rid of Kidney stones that cause kidney colic.

It includes a group of deep wells, the most famous of which are the Nasser wells and Bulaq wells. This oasis is located in southern Cairo, about 232 km south of Assiut.

Siwa Oasis

This place is one of the oldest and most famous curative places, because it consists of lakes that consist of groundwater and running water that combines fresh water and sulfur water, in addition to it includes a group of fossil reefs and marine snails.

It also contains sand dunes that were formed thanks to ancient weather factors, as it is considered a natural depression, so it contains sand inside it that heals all diseases, so tourists go to it to bury their bodies completely under its sand to treat infections that affect joints and nerves as well in treating diseases Rheumatic, and its climate is characterized by free of moisture that helps to treat various respiratory diseases.

These factors were formed thanks to erosion since ancient times, and this oasis is located on an area of ​​up to about 1000 km.

Aswan city

The city of Aswan follows the method of burial under its hot sand in order to recover from many diseases, and the use of water also in the methods of treatment, and this is done through studied scientific steps, as it has two treatment centers that follow these steps in the treatment.

This city has a unique climate suitable for patients who have respiratory problems, various kidney diseases, and rheumatic diseases.

Blessing of Moses

This pool is one of the most distinguished places in Egypt, where it pours natural water flowing from about 5 different eyes, located in the Sinai stage, and the water comes out from it about 20 cubic meters per day.

Its water temperature reaches about 37 degrees Celsius, and it also contains sulfur water that contributes to the treatment of many diseases, and it has a different appearance because it is a green area amid a large area of ​​the desert, and is characterized by its low prices unlike many other places.

Ras Sidr

This region is known for its sanctity, where Moses descended, as it has been known since ancient times, Roman and Greek, as it is one of the most famous tourist cities located in Egypt, as it is affiliated with the Governorate of South Sinai, which is located on the Red Sea coast as well on the Gulf of Suez.

This city is considered one of the places that possess very pure sandy coasts, and its waters are calm, salty in nature, and seaweed decreases.

Pharaoh’s bath

Pharaoh’s bath contains a group of springs with sulfur, chemical and mineral water, which may reach a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, where it works to treat many diseases such as arthritis and rheumatic diseases, and solve the problems of the digestive system, skin diseases and allergies, in addition to that it is beneficial to treat diseases That affects the kidneys and lung.

It is located on the Gulf of Suez, about 250 km away from Cairo Governorate.

The city of Helwan

Helwan is one of the tourist places of therapeutic nature, this city is located about 30 km from Cairo, but it is located in the mold of Cairo with a climatic nature without moisture.

Inside it includes a group of eyes for the distinctive sulfur water, as it is very pure and gives the patient many medicinal benefits, especially for patients with rheumatic diseases, and it contributes to a great deal of pain relief.

There is Helwan Medical Center relying on treatment with this sulfur water follows the elegant Islamic way of dealing as it consists of 38 rooms for rest and treatment, as it is characterized by the external places with gardens and wonderful chalets that give the patient a feeling of psychological comfort and relieve stress and anxiety to a large extent.[2]

South of Sinaa

South Sinai is distinguished by its distinctive climatic weather. It is of a calm nature, free from noise and disturbance. Therefore, everyone who wants to relax and be completely calm goes to it. It is also free of moisture as it is one of the dry areas that helps a lot in treating respiratory diseases.

It also has a group of distinctive hot and soft sand that work to recover from all physical diseases that affect bone, joints and severe rheumatic pain.

It also has a group of natural plants and herbs that are included in many natural remedies and herbal medicine that contribute to getting rid of various pains and diseases, in addition to sulfur springs and eyes that cure all diseases.

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