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Top 10 beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for being one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world, so it is no wonder that Costa Rica has beautiful beaches impeccable on its coasts overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, where rain forests and forested hills lie on the borders of Costa Rica’s golden sands on the one hand and the turquoise waters shine from the other side .

In addition to the amazing landscapes of Costa Rica there are many great surfing places in addition to an abundance of water sports available in Costa Rica, and if you are interested in seeing some of the beloved wildlife a number of its beaches are sites where nesting sea turtles.

The most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

Playa Guiones Beach

One of the best and most beautiful beaches in the Costa Rica, Playa Guiones Beach in Costa Rica stretches for seven kilometers along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is ideal for riding and relaxing while the strong surf makes it a great place to surf.

The beach of Playa Guiones is located far away and it is not crowded so it is ideal for visitors looking for a quiet vacation, and there are very few restaurants and hotels there, and therefore there is a feeling of relaxation at a distance from the city, and while the scenery thrives beautifully, Playa Guiones Beach is located not far Far from the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, the reserve is well worth a visit during the hatching season when thousands of sea turtles for children cover beaches and they all work hard to reach the ocean for the first time.

Playa Montezuma Beach

The beach is called Montezuma Beach, called Mont Foma Beach, a favorite place among visitors and tourists because of its wonderful atmosphere and its beautiful beach, it is surrounded by pristine rainforests and the beach contains some wonderful paths and excursions that visitors can enjoy, and if you head to the rainforest, you will find some delicious waterfalls hidden away amid growth The lower one is worth a visit and is suitable for a refreshing beach break and an opportunity to rinse off salt and sand.

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The beach of Playa Montezuma has become truly popular due to the amazing diving served in the welcoming waters that border the beach, and in addition to the bright coral reefs and shining waters of fish there are three shipwrecks discovered by divers along with a range of other impressive dive sites.

Playa Samara beach

The calm waters of Samara Beach are protected by the beautiful bay surrounding it and is a great place to enjoy some water sports in peace and security. The bay is ideal for swimming, canoeing or snorkelling and features a beautiful marine life and there are many wonderful diving places awaiting away from the beach.

The location of this isolated beach on the Nikoya peninsula means that Samara beach is very far from the busy path, which distinguishes its beautiful beach, its welcoming waters, and its scenic views. Despite this, there are many shops, restaurants and hotels to choose from, and there is a specific family atmosphere around the place. Lounging in a beach bar while watching the sunset beneath the horizon is the perfect way to end another day in paradise.

Tortuguero Beach

There is Tortuguero Beach next to the Caribbean Sea and it contains the wonderful natural wonders that you are proud of and you will truly feel as if you are in paradise, and while it is certainly a challenge to get there because it is located in the depths of a remote national park of the same name, the wildlife and the landscape are almost incomparable Tapirs, crocodiles, monkeys, etc. can be found in the rainforests that threaten to stretch over the shore, and if you visit during the appropriate season you can see thousands of sea turtles hatching along the shore.

Playa Grande Beach

This beach is a large beach located on the banks of the wonderful and wonderful Las Palas National Park on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and because it is a protected area and unspoiled beach, you will not find hordes of tourists and piles of litter here, and it is also a nesting site for leather turtles, while visitors can see turtles in their environment Natural, during the nesting season the beach is heavily guarded by policemen who monitor this unique type.

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With some of the best surfing spots in the country it is definitely worth a visit to test your surfing skills, Tamarindo is just a stone’s throw away if you want to check out the best beaches in Costa Rica.

Playa Santa Teresa beach

This beach is home to many pioneers as is the case with yoga enthusiasts and is relaxed and comfortable as you imagine and adds its secluded nature only to the calm atmosphere, and although it is not fully developed in comparison to some other beaches in Costa Rica, it still has a good group of restaurants And hotels to choose from, there are an amazing number of vibrant bars.

The beach is located on the Nikoya peninsula and the golden sands of the beach are ideal for relaxation, and if you feel a little more energetic you can always hit the waves for a surfing lesson or a relaxing yoga class.

Playa Dominical Beach

Dominic Beach may be the place for you, but its white sands threaten to expose hills painted with rainforests that head towards the waves, and while the dramatic scene is undoubtedly a large part of its attraction, the beach is also one of the best places to surf in the country It is also worth going on a jungle excursion while staying on the beach, and among the national parks nearby you can find some beautiful waterfalls.

Currently Dominic Beach is happily still off the busy track, and as such there is not much in the way of bars, restaurants or hotels, and the ones you can find are often very basic, yet it adds a comfortable and relaxing feel to the place.

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Tamarindo Beach

Whether you’re after the sea, sand, surfing, nightlife or nature, Tamarindo has it all, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country.

The city itself is a lively place with lots of bars, restaurants and hotels serving all budgets, and since so many people visit Tamarindo, it features some of the most popular nightlife spots on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

With the beautiful Las Bollas National Park overlooking the beach, there are some very picturesque nature for visitors to explore, and Tamarindo Beach itself seems to have been taken out of the travel guide, with some of the best surfing places in the country, and many people come to learn how Deal with waves like a pro.

Playa Flamingo Beach

The wonderful Flamingo Beach is located in northwestern Costa Rica, and it is amazing and so named because its sand is a wonderful white and pink color. The beach is more accurate than many other beach cities in Costa Rica, and it has many high-end hotels and resorts that visitors can enjoy, and because it is Located on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the sunset here are especially unforgettable.

There are a number of great hotels that are punctuated by crowded palm trees on the beach, which you can head to after a lazy day relaxing in the scenic landscape.

Playa Manuel Antonio beach

With towering palm trees overlooking its alluring golden sands and sparkling turquoise waters, Manuel Antonio Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, and therefore it is one of its most famous beaches.

The beach is located inside Manuel Antonio National Park on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and there are a lot of beautiful paths making their way into the dense jungle for visitors to enjoy, and while exploring the amazing landscapes guests can look at some of the howling monkeys, iguanas, and colorful birds that live in the rainforest.[1]

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