A letter to the most precious thing I own To my impossible love To the unforgettable love To my life, my life and my eyes I write these words to you.

My love, I am tired of the depth of my love for you and hiding it in my heart

I’m tired of not having a way to tell you about it

I love you so much and maybe adore you

I want you to hear it from me

I want to let you know how much I love you

I want you to know how much I love you

I want to sleep in your arms and whisper in your ears I love you

But every time I tell you, I see you talk about your love for her

I see myself still, silent

Even she thought she would stand with me and support me

I see her talking to me about her love for you

I see myself broken and silent

I feel bewildered and tormented

Something difficult and perhaps the most difficult torment

She and he and I are the messenger between them

Whenever I deliver her words to you, I feel like I want to tell you these are my words

I loved you and no one will love you like me

But I see you tell me I love her

What is this pain that pierces my heart, scratches it and makes it bleed?

I hold my tears and hide them with laughter

I suffer a lot, but I am happy with my torment, because you caused it

I tell myself it is enough that I see him talking to him

I see you holding her hand in front of me and I wish to die so that I don’t see this moment

My love…

How much time will pass and you are for me an unattainable dream??

My love …

How much time will pass while I hold my tears so that you don’t feel my love for you??

My love …

How long will I live in the cycle of torment and otherness??

My love …

How much time will pass when I am broken inside because I see you with her??

My love …

I hope that God will give me the courage to tell you, even for a moment in my life, how much I love you before I leave

My love ..

In extreme silence and love for you in my heart is great

Whisper my heart without speaking I love you.. I love you

I love you so much that I wish you happiness with her in a life without me

Believe me, after a painful thought, I decided to leave for the long term

I’m leaving because I can’t stand still in front of you

I can’t be the messenger of love between you two

I will leave for fear that one day my letters will fluctuate and words of love for you will fall from my tongue.

I will leave before my eyes draw the words of love that I could not say to you..

I’m leaving and I wish you happiness with all my heart, and it’s enough for me to see a smile on your face, even if you don’t

I caused it

I’m leaving happy, but pain and breakage take over me

I am glad that you knew the meaning of love and lived his happiness

And broken because you knew him, but with her

I’m leaving because I love you… I love you so much

tired of love