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Monday September 28, 2020

Tiktok ban is temporarily void by order of a federal judge

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Tiktok faces the risk of being banned very soon in the United States of America, after Donald Trump’s decision to ban the app and delete it from the Google Play Store and App Store apps. The matter developed greatly until companies entered into agreements to purchase the application and invest in it. Until it came to an agreement between Oracle, Walmart and tiktok to create a new company under the name of tiktok Global, Walmart contributed 7.5% of it and had a seat on the company’s board of directors. Whereas, Oracle will supervise all US user data and where the data is received, preventing the data from reaching the company in China. But the decision of one of the judges of the Federal Court in America that stopping the application at all is invalid, so what do we know about this news?

What do we know?

  • Donald Trump wants to stop TikTok and ban it in the USA
  • Oracle and Walmart entered into an agreement with TikTok not to get it banned
  • The federal judiciary in the United States acknowledges the invalidation of the TikTok ban at first

Tiktok ban is null based on federal jurisdiction

After a hearing of the lawyers representing the United States of America and the lawyers representing Tiktok, the judge decided that the decision to ban the application is invalid until the full trial is completed and a final decision is issued in this regard. In the hearing session, TikTok’s administration clarified that banning the application is contrary to the laws of freedom of opinion and the laws of freedom of opinion and expression related to the application and that it is a safe environment for all content providers. On the contrary, the United States attorney says that enforcement is the greatest threat to national security in the United States of America. Whereas, the popular app by ByteDance may be transferring a lot of data to the Chinese government. The Chinese government has shares in most of the Chinese companies. This was originally denied by the Chinese company

In general, we are waiting for what happens. Will all Tiktok stocks and shares be bought in the USA? An agreement is underway between tiktok, Walmart and Oracle so far that Walmart will get 7.5% of the profits while Oracle may get 12.5% ​​with complete user data oversight. The parent company does not obtain it in China. We do not know whether the court’s decision in America will be prior to this matter or not, but we are awaiting any new decisions regarding the matter.


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