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Thursday August 6, 2020

Tik Tok tightens policies to fight misleading content and prohibits deep counterfeiting

Tik Tok recently joined a group of companies that have and are still fighting deep counterfeiting techniques in their social applications; Where the company has updated the policies of its entertainment platform by prohibiting any kind of counterfeiting technologies that may cause harm in one way or another to network pioneers.

Where the company said in a statement on the topic of deep counterfeiting: “Our goal is to protect users from counterfeiting processes, both surface and deep; As our usage guidelines cover this aspect in advance, the role of new policy updates in this regard will be to make matters more clear to users. ”

The company added that the current ban on this type of video and image came as part of a broader set of changes that it brought about in the usage policy; With the aim of fighting misinformation and those related to social activities and election sessions in the United States.

In the same topic related to the elections and verification of information spread on the platform, the company said that it has expanded the scope of work with contractors specialized in data validation, which allows any of the users to report any false information that may negatively affect the course of this process.

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