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Tuesday October 27, 2020

Tik Tok enters the world of social e-commerce

Tik Tok entertainment video platform intends to expand further in the field of electronic shopping and allow users to conduct shopping operations in a more social way away from the traditional way through electronic stores.

TikTok announced a partnership agreement with the well-established e-commerce platform Shopify, through which it will allow more than one million stores on the Shopify platform to reach the young audience of the video network.

It will enable Shopify-affiliated stores to create, implement and manage their Tik Tok marketing campaigns through the Shopify dashboard itself by installing the TikTok application.

New advertising tools allow stores to create original, shareable content that displays their products within TikTok video ads.

The network will also provide the ability to target stores to the audience according to several criteria such as gender, age, behavior, classify favorite videos, and track the performance of their marketing campaigns.

Shopify recently tested this feature, but it’s now only available to all stores in the United States. Lettok has a large audience in the country, with 100 million users.

This new method of social e-commerce was launched by Facebook years ago and has come a long way and we saw how it made it available in Instagram and now intends to introduce it to WhatsApp as well, and the goal is to increase its profitability from payment commissions and keep you within the application as much as possible.



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