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Sunday November 29, 2020

Thus US-made technologies helped China monitor Uighurs

News Now | China – wvnews

China is devoting technology to a large extent to impose strict and comprehensive control over the Muslims of the Uyghur minority Xinjiang.

In this region, which bears witness to the persecution of the Chinese authorities, a large number of surveillance cameras produce a huge amount of footage.

A new report published by “wvnews” stated that American-made technologies helped in monitoring China for Uyghurs, indicating that supercomputers located inside the cloud computing complex in Xinjiang can analyze 1000 videos simultaneously and search more than 100 million images in one second.

The goal is to monitor cars, phones, and faces, and to compile patterns of behavior for authorities. According to the report, the computing complex was opened in Xinjiang 4 years ago, and is working on the power of chips manufactured by “Intel” and “Nvidia”.

However, these two companies say they were not aware of the exploitation of their technology, which is completely reasonable and not entirely believable at the same time, according to the report.

The supply chains and sales arrangements in the computing industry are complex. Often, as in this case, a buyer of those American products supplies day-to-day companies and the Chinese military and security forces with these commodities, and it is difficult to determine the flows from the original chip manufacturer to the country. On the one hand, it doesn’t take much imagination to predict how dual-use technology will be misused by a government that has a record of digital authoritarianism. It is possible that many US companies are not looking for links between their products and human rights violations because they do not want to find those links.

How do the Chinese authorities persist in suppressing the Uyghurs outside and inside the borders?

How do you think? Chinese authorities By suppressing the Uighurs outside and inside the borders Video phone conversation from Turkestan Expose what the Chinese government is trying to promote. It was remarkable recently that Malaysia refused, during last September, to extradite China to people from the Muslim Uyghur minority, even if it came under a direct request from the Chinese government. This refusal came to confirm the Chinese authorities’ endeavor to pursue the Uighurs not only in Xinjiang, but also outside it.

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