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Friday February 14, 2020

Three mistakes to warn about when making donuts

Donuts are considered one of the most popular desserts for many people, they are at the top of the list of choices for children and adults.

The stuffed donuts depend on the dough balls in which chocolate is placed, and the most important factor for its success is that the dough balls are small and not huge until the dough is settled from the inside well, because with the large size of the balls the dough remains raw even after being settled in oil.

– Attention must be paid not to increase or double the amount of filling in donuts so that it does not come out of it during frying and spoil the recipe, for this the internal filling must be appropriate to the size of the dough without increasing, and until the dough balls are closed tightly and the filling does not come out of it.

The heat of the oil used to fry the stuffed donuts is considered one of the most important factors of its success or failure, especially if the oil is hot or boiled. On medium medium heat until smoothed inside and outside.

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