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Saturday April 4, 2020

Thousands of Zoom records meeting and call records from Zoom

Another day, another gap in the Zoom for meetings and video calls application, this time thousands of meeting records and calls made by users and stored in the cloud, due to the way Zoom uses to name the log files.

Zoom names meeting log files in a predictable way, and many of them are stored on an unprotected Amazon cloud that is accessible via search engines.

According to The Washington Post, a search engine accessed 15,000 records of Zoom meeting and calls, and thousands of them were downloaded and re-published on popular video services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

And by looking at those sections that can be accessed, it included a wide range of uses for zoom, including those related to health and treatment, some of which are business and company meetings, and the other is lessons for students and others.

The company was informed by the newspaper of the existence of this strange imbalance, and there is no information yet on what measures can be taken to avoid it in the future.

Zoom provides the feature of recording and storing calls both on the host and the cloud. The company presented a diplomatic statement saying that it provides transparency to all participants, as they know that the session is being recorded and only the host can register and choose where to store the recording later.

With the increased reliance on Zoom service recently for communication and work remotely, as it had 200 million active users daily compared to 10 million users only three months ago, this growth in use increased security concerns, and indeed, many of the gaps and problems that Zoom resolved, some of them like leaking User data with Facebook or the ability to know the email addresses of attendees.

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Zoom is committed now and during the next three months to stop developing any new application features and focus only on security, protection and privacy, in an attempt to improve its reputation that has been marred by many comments recently.

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