This Summer, Cancun Emerges As One Of The Safest Destinations in the Caribbean

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Cancun Still One of the Safest Beach Destinations in the Caribbean

Despite rising crime rates in numerous spots across the Caribbean, putting travelers on high alert, Cancun is still considered one of the safest beach destinations not only in Mexico, but in the entire region.

Cancun: America’s Sunny Getaway

Cancun is a bustling coastal hub with a well-developed Hotel Zone, lined with every international hospitality brand you can possibly think of. It is best-known for its riotous nightlife, which is part of the reason why the Mayan Riviera is a favorite among young party seekers.

Cancun Maintains its Safety

In a bid to maintain Cancun’s status as one of the safest Caribbean resorts, authorities in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, where the city is located, have gone above and beyond to ensure criminals are dealt with properly.

Criminal Activity in Other Caribbean Destinations

Other Caribbean destinations have lost prestige because of an apparent surge in violence. For instance, Jamaica has enacted numerous States of Emergency in areas plagued by gang violence. Moreover, the U.S. has issued travel warnings in several Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, due to rising crime.

Five Common Questions About Cancun’s Safety

1. Is Cancun safe to visit?

– Yes, Cancun is still one of the safest beach destinations in the Caribbean.

2. Is there a high risk of crime in Cancun?

– Cancun is not immune to crime, but local authorities have made a concerted effort to keep the city safe for visitors. Most crime in Cancun is petty theft, so tourists should avoid flashing valuables and using ATMs in secluded areas.

3. Should I avoid traveling to other Caribbean destinations?

– While some Caribbean destinations have seen a surge in violent crime, it is always important to do your research before traveling. Check for any travel warnings issued by your government and keep abreast of the local news.

4. Can I take my family to Cancun?

– Yes, Cancun is a great destination for families. All-inclusive resorts offer a myriad of activities and amenities for children and adults. Local authorities have also increased security measures around tourist areas to ensure safety.

5. What can I do to stay safe in Cancun?

– To stay safe in Cancun, follow these tips: avoid walking on isolated beaches or streets at night; use only authorized taxi service; don’t flash your valuables; use ATMs in well-populated areas; don’t accept drinks from strangers; and always be aware of your surroundings.