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Monday September 28, 2020

This is how Doha responded to Trump’s ‘attacking Qatar’ tweet

The World – Qatar

Al-Attiyah stressed that Trump understands “the reality of the partnership and relations with Qatar, and therefore he completely recanted his position.”

In 2017, President Trump said in a tweet that many understood as an “attack” on Qatar, that he had been warned during his visit to the Middle East against “financing extremist ideology” and that “leaders in the region referred to Qatar.”

He added, “During my recent visit to the Middle East, I said that the financing of extremist ideology could not continue, and the leaders pointed to Qatar.”

Al-Attiyah said that the equation of the Qatari relationship with America is not based on a relationship with one party, and the United States is a state of institutions and we have built historical relations with all American institutions, foreign America, America Congress, America of defense, energy and education.

Since 2017, the boycotting countries accuse Qatar of “supporting terrorism in the region,” which Doha denies.

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