This is God’s creation, so show me

The Almighty said: (This is the creation of God, so show me what those besides Him were created. Rather, the wrongdoers are in clear error). These verses from Surat Luqman, which is a Meccan surah, deal with the subject of belief, and were attributed to Luqman, the wise man, whom God granted a wide punch.

God Almighty tells us in this verse that He is the God of everything, and He mentions to people in this verse how everything was created, and that everything was created for His worship, which is not suitable for worship other than Him, and it is not permissible for anyone else, and here God Almighty says: Show me you idolaters What do you worship besides me of idols, idols and gods? What were they created without me until you worshiped them without me and disobeyed me?

(This is the creation of God): that is, everything that He created, Glory be to Him, and all the evidence of His greatness from the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the creation of man, animals, all creatures and plants.

(So ​​show me what those besides Him were created): Show me what He created besides me, the idols and idols and others whom you have shared in worship with God.

(Indeed, the wrongdoers are in clear error): Those who worship besides God idols and idols have not created anything and are not of the divinity in anything and are not worthy of worship. He contemplates it and contemplates and reason about it, and he finds that it is misguidance and far from guidance.

As the Almighty said: (Verily, those whom you invoke besides God will not create a fly, even if they gather for it) Surat Al-Hajj.

This is God’s creation, so show me

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