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Thursday March 26, 2020

This America will never be the same today

The World – The Americas

Officials, experts, and researchers in biological weapons, especially in China and Iran, have accused the United States of being behind the production and spread of Corona virus in their countries … Iranian officials have corrected the arrows of their accusations to Washington in the bacterial attack, which has become a global epidemic .. It was interesting what was stated by the Secretary of the Council Supreme Iranian National Security should Washington disclose its role in the production and spread of Corona virus, rather than accusing China and Iran.

What confirms the American involvement in the production of this epidemic, according to experts and researchers, that this virus was originally spread in the United States before China without announcing it, especially since over the past months a huge wave spread that was said to be a regular flu and infected millions of American citizens and caused tens of thousands of deaths, After that, many American reports reveal that these deaths were due to the Coruna virus, and not the known common flu! Therefore, the closure of the Fort Detrick’s Laboratory for Research on Microbes and Viruses of the US Army Medical Command in Frederick-Maryland at the end of January … This prompted American activists to publish a petition on the White House website, requesting clarification of the true reason for the closure of the laboratory in question. , And whether its closure was linked to the outbreak of the Corona virus?

But … the winds of “Corona” came in a way that Trump’s ships did not desire … after a long denial and “ridicule” of the threat of a pandemic on his country .. He began to feel seriously afraid of the threat of Corona over his presidency, so it is certain that this virus will be the most prominent player in the upcoming presidential elections, Especially after it became clear the weakness and poor performance in containing the virus.

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On the other hand, China faced the “bacterial attack” fiercely and creatively, attracting the world’s attention, besieging it in a record period of time, and moved quickly to take advantage of the gaps of American mistakes and fill the vacuum … and extended a helping hand to save those supposed to be assisted by America. The epidemic where the United States failed .. Where will China be in the post-Corona world? ..

What is certain is that Corona will reshape another world that will not be a referee as before it .. and its repercussions will be the most dangerous for the old continent .. and for the United States itself .. where the serious matter is no longer limited to the fragility of the health system and the mismanagement of the fight against the virus that is sweeping entire states against a clear deficit In curbing its extension, the most dangerous is the tremendous numbers of Americans rushing to an unprecedented acquisition of weapons as a result of the insecurity and lack of confidence in their administration after Corona’s collapse. What does that indicate?

Perhaps it was necessary to return to what the “Global Research” site was likely to happen not long ago in the United States of America, which will for the most part destroy the chaos caused by the disarray of weapons in the hands of everyone … America, this will never be as it is today – according to his indication.

The World – Lebanon

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