The thought is everything that goes on in the writer’s head of happy or sad feelings and feelings towards a particular person or thing. We have collected for you some of the delicate and varied thoughts in this article, get acquainted with them.

thin thoughts

  • Happiness, is that bird always hanging on the tree of anticipation, or on the tree of memory, here it is about to escape from me now too, and because I realized that, I began to live that love with the fierceness of loss, like those who live a threatening life, death around me taught me to live the fear of the fleeing moment To love this man every moment, as if I would lose him at any moment, to desire him, as if it would be for someone else, to wait for him, without believing that he would come, then come, as if he would not return, looking for us for more joy than a date, for a separation more beautiful than that be goodbye.
  • You clothe me with silk on the feel of the soul, and I will clothe you with a bramble on the scalp of my sorrows, a breeze wandering through your passages, and embers pouring into my arterial course, I seek refuge in you from the silence of my convoy; So you plunge me into you, and you become my jailer, and every time I rise to you, one repairs me, I deepen the cracks in my soul, to you I walk barefoot over hot coals, your feet on silk, and you mourn me, for how long will you keep me dark in your clouds, and you are always blooming in my spring? And how long will you keep me one color, while you strut about in the abundance of my colors? And whenever my addiction and longing arouse me, I scream like idiots!
  • Do not travel to the desert in search of beautiful trees. In the desert, you will not find anything but beast. Look at the hundreds of trees that contain you with their shade, make you happy with their fruits, and cheer you up with their songs.
  • Do not try to recalculate yesterday and what you lost in it, the age when its leaves fall will not return again, but with every new spring new leaves will sprout, so look at those leaves that cover the face of the sky, and let go of what fell to the ground, it has become a part of it.
  • I love her, and my nostalgia for her increases, I adore her, and my heart aches when I see her tears, I understand her when I see the longing in her eyes, how much I wished to hold her, how much I loved the smile from her mouth, and the laughter in the tone of her voice, even the smell of her perfume. The dove longs for her nest, the mother longs for her child, the night longs for her day, the flower longs for her nectar, but the eye longs for her eyeliner, the love poem longs for her love, but the song longs for her melody. I told her: All this is longing, she said: No, but more and more, you are alone my love in the whole world, I was happy to sing its magic, I flirt with the words of passion with her love, and from the poems of passion I hear, no, but for her sake I memorized it, so I was confused as to describe it, my heart? No, I’ll darken her, my love? my queen? My little girl? All of this is not enough, I am in love darkening her, the soul of my soul inhabited her, and my idol in love made her, in the lovebirds, deliver her, my peace and my love, and that I am waiting for her, O all the world, tell her, my love and my love, and how much I miss her heart.
  • Bewitch me with the radiance of your mouth, and the brilliance of your eyes, I am tired of the symphony of parting and memorized the alphabets of deprivation, let us spread love hymns in the distances of our soul, and collect crumbs of hope thick with wounds, weave a chant of love, sing in our hearts, our beating hearts grow with love.
  • My love, do you remember the day I told you my secrets? I mean my intense love, the deep love that has reached its last stage, which is the degree of love; But I think that it has reached a higher degree, people have not called it a name yet, because from their hearts they did not reach it, but I reached it, and I called it the stage of love and despair.
  • Color your life with the colors of optimism, happiness and joy, life is like a painting waiting for colors to become more beautiful. You are not covered with snow, close your eyelids and see under the snow meadows, despite the presence of evil there is good, despite the presence of problems there is the solution, despite the presence of failure there is success, despite the harshness of reality there is a flower of hope.
  • If one day I departed from you, and my camel washed in a sign of absence, then gather my remains in the vaults of memory, and make a coffin for me in your heart, and bury me inside your soul to accompany you wherever you go, and turn to me if the winds of your exile blow on you, and take shelter in my shelter when the flight of memories stings you, and my words cushion my words if I scatter you The orphan and your soul in its loneliness, to fill me with warmth in your eyeballs, if the sidewalks of aches and the distances of nostalgia cool off on you, then I will still love you as well as I used to, and I will remain indefinitely.

Thoughts of reproach and longing

  • After I loved you, everything in the universes changed, the earth stopped rotating, the hands of time were broken, the river became salty, the sea became sweet, the moon became sun, and the sun moons, the taste of my coffee changed, I went back to the time of my birth, I changed the subject of my heart, it became the right after it It was in the left, I saw the night like lights, melted in the rain, and released all the secrets after I loved you, I hope your heart protects me from all dangers.
  • I miss myself, I look for her and I don’t find her, I reach out for myself, so don’t touch me, I call out to her, so she doesn’t hear me, I tell her when she comes to me and makes me happy, Yes, you are myself, O you who are far from me, in my wave, and there is only us left. I miss you
  • I said goodbye to her and the longing between me and her is a sea. I said goodbye to her despite my fear and God is compelled. Sadness is in her hands with despair pulling me in. Every path away from her repels me.
  • Do not prolong your silence and you know that you are the person I miss the most for his words, I miss myself looking for her but I do not find her, I extend my hands to myself, so do not touch me, I call to her, but she does not hear me, I tell her when she comes to me and makes me happy.
  • Oh my love, what captivates and overwhelms our hearts, is it love that blew up in us a thousand fountains of words about longing, is it love that does not know death even if it lasts forever, is it the light that shines in the Almighty and transfigured, or is it the tenderness in your nature in your heart in your eyes that seduces me I was seduced.
  • I love you, who stole my heart from me, who changed my life for me, who loved him with all my heart, who led me to imagination, I loved you more than myself, do not ask me for my evidence, did you ever see and testify that a bullet asks the dead before killing him.
  • Between the cold of winter, autumn leaves, summer heat, and spring breezes, my feet take me to where? I don’t know, I only know that I started seeing myself embracing spring butterflies, embracing the winter snows, shaking hands with autumn leaves, spreading to the summer sun, dancing under the rain showers, I wished I would go back to my childhood messing with my doll, building a house, planting a dream, and smiling for my tomorrow.
  • I long to see your eyes, who you are there behind the unseen, and I don’t know anything about you, but I know you for sure, your qualities are engraved in my imagination from childhood and boyhood days.

Thoughts for mom and dad

  • To you, dearest people, my beloved father, these are words I write to you with the ink of a heart I send to you with the fragrance of roses, and the fragrance of jasmine and jasmine.
  • To my first example, and my beacon that lights my path, to the one who taught me to withstand the raging waves of the sea, to the one who gave me and still gives me without limits, to the one I raised my head high with pride, to you, who redeemed my soul, I send you bouquets of my love, respect and phrases emanating from My heart, even if the ink of my pen cannot express my feelings towards you, my feelings are greater than their lines on paper, but I have nothing but to pray to God Almighty to keep you an asset to us and not deprive us of the springs of your love and tenderness.
  • Words betray me, my tongue paralyzes my expression, and my expressions suffocate me whenever I see the lines of age adorn your cheeks, and whenever I see the weariness of the years cast on its shoulders to cover your head, O my mother, O the source of my happiness, embrace me to you, you are the chest of me, the only one who comforts me with my age Your blessed hand is the only palm that I wish to lay my head on whenever my world narrows me down, and your chest is the only refuge that strips me of my worries. Whenever I see you I miss my childhood, and no matter how old I grow, I am your spoiled child who refuses to grow up one day between the folds of your chest, in your hands I grew up and in the warmth of your heart I took refuge, between your ribs I hid and from your giving I succumbed.
  • Tell me, mermaid, who lives with me in all my moments of sadness, joy, pain, health, happiness, and misery. Mother, how can I live without you? And you are my beating heart, my seeing eyes, and my soul that inhabited my body, oh crown, I am proud of you among all creatures, and I cherish my company with you everywhere, oh school, my foundations, my upbringing, my fatigue, my evening, and you bore my burdens, and you honored me with the flowing surplus of your tenderness, oh my chest On him my sorrows, my worries, and the hardships of my life, what do I give you, O blessing that God has bestowed upon me and favored me over many of His creation through you? Mother, excuse me if I bend down to kiss your feet before your head, for I find in them the scent of heaven.

Thoughts for friends

  • Let us remain friends, let us be stubborn, so that the poems remain the color of our laughter, and the words remain in love with our dialogue, and silence is not the focus of our conversation, so that we remain friends no matter what happens, so that we do not practice betrayal of our memories with oblivion, and our feelings remain on fire, and escaping from the past is not the beginning of time, let us remain friends Loyal, so that we remember our names when we meet, and our hearts remain full of serenity, to remain friends in the moments of parting, so that our past days become wonderful and unique, and our memories remain immortal and glorious, and the pains of our past rhyme happy, let us remain friends after parting so that we remember each other with nostalgia, and our tears remain without moaning And the date of our separation is not for years, to remain friends for the end of life, so that the years of our life do not distort, and our days remain free from the shame of our separation, to remain friends even after my departure, to say one day in peace, goodbye, dearest human being.
  • I will remain for you the beloved sister, and the friend of the soul and the pulse, I will contain you and embrace you, and we will live the days together, with her sadness before her joy, I will cry from your tears, and I will smile from your laughter, I will be your sanctuary, when the size of the atmosphere holds you, that I keep you in my arms, Trail companion.
  • How beautiful are the stations of life, and the most beautiful of that is when you meet someone who walks with you on the road, we may find many coincidences in our life, either they bring us joy or sadness, but my coincidence passed by, and it was a piece of wood that I collected from you. And appreciation, without a date or introduction that I do not know; But I know what is more beautiful that I met a very wonderful person, distinguished by the beauty of her soul, her gourmet feelings, and her delicate feelings. Yes, she is wonderful and beautiful, even more beautiful than beauty. express what my heart holds for her; But on this wonderful day, I wanted to present these words to her, knowing that they are neither expressive nor worthy of them, but I wanted to bring out what I have in order that he might find a place in her heart.
  • Our friendship is like a window of clear glass, through which we look at the sweetest things in the world, and through it we see all the beautiful meanings, and the glass must be tainted, for that is the state of the world and the condition of human beings in it, lack and error, otherwise we would be angels, but do not break glass to remove This hurt, if our relationship marred something different; You left me, you went, and you wanted to end everything, so remove the harm, and wipe the impurities while you are there, do not run away from facing your mistakes and my mistakes too, to reach an understanding with love or even to be held accountable seriously, no problem; But don’t think to cut the rope that we made with our feelings day after day, don’t cut it simply, please don’t break the glass of our friendship.

thin thoughts

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