These Two Popular U.S. Cities Will Now Be Connected by a Unique Overnight Hotel Train

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In the United States, the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco is one of the top ten busiest flight routes so far this year. However, a California-based start-up is looking to reinvent this trip by offering a luxury overnight train service between the two cities. This is a modern take on an old Hollywood favorite – The Lark – which was a sold-out luxury all-Pullman express train that operated in the 1940s and early 1950s. The Lark had a legendary social club spanning three carriages and was popular among businessmen and movie stars, including Judy Garland. By the late 1950s, air travel had become the preferred mode of travel for many businessmen, and The Lark was eventually downgraded before being discontinued in 1968. Today, air travel remains the primary means of transportation between the two cities.

Dreamstar, the start-up launching this train service, is bringing back the nostalgia of deluxe overnight trains up the California coast’s iconic stretch with their luxurious journey. They will be offering a range of services to passengers, including fine dining and personal concierge services, to recreate the glamour of historical train travel in a modern context. The company intends to cater to a range of customers from high-end luxury travelers to families seeking adventure on their vacation.

A standout aspect of Dreamstar’s overnight train service is their environmentally friendly approach. By supporting local farms, using biodegradable amenities, and reducing carbon emissions, they aim to make sure they are not just luxurious but eco-friendly too. Dreamstar’s attention to detail also extends to their personalized service that will ensure passengers have access to everything they need, from entertainment to comfortable sleeping quarters.

Four different rooms are available on Dreamstar’s train service, including the Pullman Palace, which is named after the original carriages on The Lark. This compartment provides a queen-size bed, en-suite bathroom, a sitting area, and views of the Californian coastline. The Vista Dome, on the other hand, offers panoramic views through its floor-to-ceiling windows, and the French Quarter provides a more intimate ambiance with a smaller sleeping area and a comfortable living area. The final option is the Family Bunker, which comprises two queen-size beds and two sets of bunk beds interconnected. This room is perfect for families or groups who want to travel en-suite.

Dreamstar’s overnight train will offer travelers a beautiful sightseeing experience as it travels through some impressive natural landscapes such as Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, and Monterey, just to name a few. Passengers will have panoramic views from their rooms that will afford them glimpses of the Pacific Ocean, coastal cliffs, and mountain ranges as they travel up the lovely California coast.

The new overnight train service is set to launch in 2022, and the tickets are already available for booking. Anyone looking for a different way to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco should consider booking a trip with Dreamstar. With luxurious and eco-friendly travel, fantastic service, and stunning views, travelers can enjoy the best of both worlds with this unique train service.


1. How long is the journey between Los Angeles and San Francisco on Dreamstar’s overnight train?

Dreamstar’s overnight train service will take approximately eleven hours to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

2. What rooms are available on Dreamstar’s overnight train?

The train cabin types are the Pullman Palace, Vista Dome, French Quarter, and Family Bunker. The Pullman Palace is designed for ultimate luxury, while the Vista Dome offers panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The French Quarter provides a more intimate ambiance, while the Family Bunker accommodates groups of up to six passengers.

3. What type of food services are provided on Dreamstar’s overnight train?

Dreamstar’s overnight train service offers a full range of dining options, including meals prepared using locally sourced ingredients. Passengers can expect high-quality cuisine and drinks made from the freshest and seasonal ingredients.

4. What is Dreamstar’s approach to environmental sustainability?

Dreamstar is an eco-friendly overnight train service that prides itself on being environmentally conscious. The company supports local farms and suppliers that use sustainable practices, offers biodegradable amenities, and aims to reduce overall carbon emissions.

5. Can children travel on Dreamstar’s overnight train service?

Yes, Dreamstar understands the importance of a family vacation, and that’s why they provide the Family Bunker compartment designed with families in mind. Parents and children can travel together in comfort and create lifelong memories.