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Monday March 30, 2020

These films will take you on a journey around the world until the ban ends!

Some movie filming sites are just as important as the movie itself!
Yes, all of New York, Rome, Dubai, Paris and even Ouarzazate in Morocco now seem familiar places for the viewer even if he has not visited before.

Here is a set of cinematic films that take you home from the small screen, on a trip around the world
Colorful with adventure, full of love and roses.
Let her dazzle you with inspiring human stories before being amazed by the beauty of her photography sites
And to teach you passion and exploration … until the ban ends.

🎬 Wild
Wild: 2014

An American adventure movie by Nick Hornby, tells the story of Shirshi, a girl who experiences disappointment due to her divorce and the death of her mother, who decides to undertake a 1,100mile selfjourney journey.
The movie takes place in a social and dramatic setting, and takes us on a tour around the magical sites of California Pending recovery itself as it was.

🎬 Film trilogy: before sunrise, before sunset and before midnight
Before sunrise 1995, Before sunset 2004 & Before midnight 2013

This trilogy revolves around the communication part of any human relationship:
Before the sunrise in 1995, the souls of the two heroes are attracted
Two ambitious young men in their early twenties in a strange city to dive into dialogues about religion, love and philosophy, discover Vienna And they discover with them themselves in the presunrise period.
Before sunset 2004, the meeting between the two mature heroes will be renewed in Paris They continue to talk about disappointments, summaries of experiences and criticism of love despite the time factor.
– Before midnight 2013, they will be released on Greece Questions between the two heroes in his middle age about what if we get a second chance with the same person, and how is married life with those we love and choose, and is it enough for love alone?

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والتر Walter Mitte’s Secret Life
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: 2013

Walter Mitte is an employee of “Life” magazine who spends most of his life in stories and adventures that weave his imagination more than he experiences from reality. And after losing an important cover photo, he goes on a journey to find a photographer for that image, during which all the adventures that were going on in his head one day and he can visit many countries, including Yemen, Afghanistan, Greenland And others to dive into breathtaking scenery ..

🎬 midnight in Paris
2011: Midnight in Paris

Film tells the story of an American writer who goes on a journey from fiancée to Paris, The movie combines fantasy, romance and humor and takes you to the atmosphere of dreamy Paris nights, where the golden ages of this city intertwine with all the geniuses of writers, artists and painters who lived in it.
The hero of the film coming from California finds an opportunity to travel after midnight every night to a past era and is able to meet the most prominent symbols such as Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso and others to live with them in the twenties of the twentieth century and meet a lover who falls in love with her belonging to that era that shares his nostalgia.

🎬 the way
The Way: 2010

American doctor Thomas Evry goes to France After his older son died in an attempt to collect the rest of his body, and during his return trip he meets three people who decided to go for the pilgrimage, so he decides to go with them in fulfillment of the wish of his deceased son, and during his travel and during the pilgrimage he meets many pilgrims from different countries of the world and gets acquainted with the most prominent problems in different countries For this journey and the tales he heard there to be among the strongest meanings he acquired during his life.

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🎬 food. Prayer . Love
Eat Pray Love: 2010

The writer, the heroine who embodies her character, Julia Roberts, embarks on an adventure around the world, following an experience of marriage, in search of herself and her soul.
Her desperation pushes her to ItaliaWhere she plunges into the goodness of her kitchens and indulges in many friendships. Then you proceed to India Let hours reflect on the mysteries of the universe and Being. From there you proceed to Indonesia Let her two previous experiences be combined by an experienced sage where you discover true love.

🎬 in the air
Up in the Air: 2009

An American comedy movie starring George Clooney, set between FloridaAnd theDetroit Ryan Bingham has transformed the man into the profession of informing and preparing people before their dismissal from work, and his life entails a constant willingness to travel, making him loving and enjoying the matter.
Ryan meets daily with different personalities he talks to, and he is in their most difficult situation before informing them of the decision to dismiss their jobs. However, problems do not start to appear and his life does not completely turn around unless he admires a woman he meets.

🎬 to the wild
Into the Wild: 2007

What will your decision be and how will your life be if you just graduated high school with distinction and have that rich, beautiful, friendly family and the car that was given to you?
Most likely you will complete in this way and you will go to university as most young people. However, this is not what Christopher Mac Candles decided!
Christopher decided to leave his monotonous life and embarked on a journey of displacement between the wilderness and the desert to explore himself, leaving behind all the restraints which people believed to provide comfort.
Exciting adventures and exciting travel through different countries, roads and villages until settled in Alaska.

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🎬 Miss Sunshine Children
Little Miss Sunshine: 2006

A comedydrama film about an American family determined to enter its young daughter for the finals of one of the children’s beauty contests, and in order to achieve this, they start together on a Volkswagen bus and their journey starts from New Mexico to me California The competition venue has many experiences and surprises ahead of them, exciting, funny and humane events together.

🎬 Motorcycle diary
The Motorcycle Diaries: 2004

Drama movie about a book Diary of a motorcycle for Che Guevara It revolves around a motorcycle ride by two friends, similar to Che Guevara’s journey in his youth, which inspired him to know the true cause of his life, during which Guevara witnessed a lot of human suffering, after which he chose the path of struggle and struggle for the poor. The movie was filmed between South American countries specifically in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba.

🎬 Under the sun of Tuscany
2003: Under The Tuscan Sun

On a novel under the sun of Toscana by Francis Mayas, this film was shot, which embodies the story of an To Italy It was decided to buy a house in a rural village and start building it again.
From Tuscany to Florence, through Arezzo and Rome, The film transmits stunning pictures of the Italian nature and the charming countryside life in it, which prompted this lady to decide to settle in Italy.

Stay at home to protect yourself and your homeland
Let the world travel to you
Fasten your belts … for fun viewing

with all love,
-Haj sacrificed

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