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Thursday January 14, 2021

The YouTube web interface now has a voice search

The YouTube web interface now has a voice search

You may be surprised if you learn that only today Google has added the voice commands feature to the YouTube web version, and you may wonder why this matter has not been done for at least 3 years.

In any case, it is better late than never, as we used to say Swalif Soft If any technology is delayed for any product then it finally appears.

Finally, the site contains Now on voice input, it can be used to dictate search queries and navigate the interface.

The YouTube web interface now has a voice search

The voice input is easy to use as it is in any other Google product, just hit the microphone button next to the search bar. You will have to enable microphone permission the first time, but after that, one click of the button is all the site requires to start listening.

You can pause and resume the microphone by pressing the large microphone button below the prompt if needed.

The router is smart enough to understand natural language commands, this can also be used to navigate the YouTube interface. You can ask Voice Commands to show your subscriptions, viewing history, and your library.

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