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Sunday February 16, 2020

The world spends little on fighting the Corona virus

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanum Gebresis, called for solidarity in combating epidemics, at the 56th Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, which was held yesterday, Saturday, stressing the need for solidarity and not stigma, adding that “the biggest enemy is not the virus itself, but rather The stigma that turns us against each other “.

He said that the outbreaks of Ebola and the Coruna virus underscore the vital importance of all countries for investing in preparedness, not fear.

During the conference in Germany
During the conference in Germany

The World Health Organization (WHO) chief said that the world spends billions of dollars in countering terrorism, but that it spends little on countering the virus, which may be more lethal and more economically, politically and socially harmful..

He is satisfied with the steps China has taken to contain the spread of the disease at its source, which slows the spread of the epidemic to the rest of the world, and is encouraged by international experts who are now in China, and is working closely with their Chinese counterparts to understand the disease outbreak and report the steps Next in the global response.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization stressed that he will continue to support any country facing the spread of any kind of epidemics, to protect its people and the people of the world, even if it costs a lot, stressing the need for solidarity in order to fight the epidemics, said in a report of Xinhua News Agency on Sunday.

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