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Monday November 16, 2020

The world of cars will see more conglomerates

The former Nissan president has expressed his own vision of the postCoronavirus auto world.

Carlos Ghosn says that the world and auto companies will live in a constant swing due to the emerging corona virus until an effective vaccine is found, which will make corporate clustering and cooperation more common. Ghosn also believes that smaller companies will be of interest to acquiring larger companies, and said that companies like Nissan that he previously managed may not survive, and so does the French company Renault, which was considered an ally of Nissan.

In fact, Ghosn is not alone in this opinion, but he reproposes it in a new framework. We have already heard many international executives say that the future of the automobile market will become similar to the case of the aircraft market, of which only two or three companies own the largest percentage and share the small percentage of dozens of smaller companies.

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