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Wednesday March 25, 2020

The withdrawal of French forces from Iraq

The World – Iraq

“The French forces left the Iraqi territories and an air base was evacuated by the international coalition,” the official Iraqi news agency quoted Khalaf as saying.

He explained that the departure of the French forces comes according to the agreements with the Iraqi government.

France, a member of the US-led coalition, has about 200 soldiers in Iraq, including 160 who have trained the Iraqi army, according to the French Staff.

The Iraqi announcement comes hours after the Czech Ministry of Defense announced the withdrawal of its forces operating in Iraq, due to security threats and the proliferation of Corona.

And Friday, the American coalition announced the withdrawal and repositioning of its forces in Iraq, fearing the outbreak of the virus, and stressed that the movements of its military forces are carried out in coordination with the Iraqi government, expecting that “the international coalition will continue to support the Iraqi security forces, through a few bases with fewer affiliates.“.

On Monday, American forces began withdrawing from the Habbaniyah military base in Anbar Province, in western Iraq.

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