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Sunday February 28, 2021

The White House: Washington is ‘frustrated’ because of Iran’s refusal of informal talks!

The World – The Americas

White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki claimed that “the United States remains ready to return to participating in real diplomatic talks.”

She pointed out that “her country will consult with the 5 + 1 group to find a way to proceed with the Iran talks.”

On Sunday evening, Iran officially announced its rejection of a European proposal to hold an informal meeting with 4 + 1 countries with the participation of the United States.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry said that based on the recent positions and the actions of the United States and European countries, Tehran considers the time is not appropriate to hold the informal meeting proposed by the European foreign policy coordinator Joseph Borrell.

The State Department confirmed that there has been no change in the attitudes and behavior of the United States, and the administration of US President Joe Biden has not abandoned the policy of maximum pressure initiated by the administration of former President Donald Trump.

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