The month of Ramadan is considered one of the best months in the sight of God Almighty, in it the reward is doubled, sins are forgiven, and the necks are freed from Hellfire. God Almighty, including qiyaam al-layl, which is one of the best acts of worship that God Almighty loves, especially in the blessed month of Ramadan. The time of standing, and the number of rak’ahs.

The virtue of praying the night in Ramadan

The night prayer is considered one of the best supererogatory prayers after performing the obligatory prayers, and it has a great reward and greater merit in ordinary days. Therefore, it is an invaluable opportunity for those who want to draw closer to God Almighty to seek forgiveness and mercy; The Muslim’s standing before his Lord in the solitude and darkness of the night is considered one of the characteristics of the righteous who repent to God Almighty.

In the night prayer, a clearing of sadness and fear, and a succession of goodness and blessings for the Muslim, and facilitating the affairs and interests of the world that occupy the mind of man, as it is considered a reason for the response to prayer. And God Almighty described His servants who are standing for the night with the righteous, and if this indicates something, it indicates the greatness of the virtue of standing, where the Almighty says: (Those who fear in paradise and eyes are taken from what they have given to them. [الذاريات، الآية: 15-17].

The time to stand and the number of rak’ahs

Its time begins after the end of the evening prayer, and continues until dawn, and there is no doubt that the best time for it is the last third of the night. Where God Almighty descends to the lower heavens in a manner worthy of the majesty of His countenance, calling out to those seeking forgiveness and penitents to forgive them, and repent for them, but this does not mean that the rest of the times are not pleasant.

As for the number of rak’ahs, it is absolute. A person prays as many rak’ahs as he wants, and that is as much as he is able. It came from the Messenger – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – that the night prayer is two by two, that is, two rak’ahs, so he may pray from two rak’ahs to twenty or to a hundred and so on. God Almighty does not It burdens a soul beyond its capacity.

The virtue of praying the night in Ramadan

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