My Victoria Cake

Victoria cake is considered one of the delicious and delicious types of cake, and its origin goes back to the British kitchen, where it extended to the rest of the world’s kitchens, and is prepared permanently at Christmas or various occasions such as Christmas, Eid Al-Adha, Easter and others, and perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes it is its attractive and distinctive shape It is also characterized by its ease of preparation and preparation, as it does not require great effort and time, in addition, it can be stuffed in multiple ways such as fruits, cream, etc., and in this article we will talk about how to prepare Victoria Cake at home in an easy way.

Sponge cake ingredients

  • ¼ cup of soft butter, preferably at room temperature.
  • A quarter cup of all-purpose white flour.
  • Quarter cup of powdered sugar.
  • Four large eggs.
  • A teaspoon of liquid vanilla.

Filling Ingredients

  • ¼ cup of fresh strawberries, cut into small pieces.
  • Vanilla stick.
  • A quarter cup of strawberry jam.
  • A quarter cup of liquid sweets cream.
  • Two tablespoons of fine sugar.
  • Decorating ingredients: a cup of caster sugar.

How to prepare

  • We prepare two round cake molds designated for the oven, and grease them with half the amount of soft butter and a little flour, then cover them with butter paper, and set them aside.
  • Put the remaining amount of soft butter and fine sugar in a large bowl and mix well with a hand mixer, then add the liquid vanilla, and half the amount of white flour and continue mixing until the ingredients are homogeneous.
  • Gradually add the eggs and continue mixing, then add the remaining amount of white flour and mix well until the ingredients are homogeneous with each other.
  • We put the cake mixture inside the cake molds, then we put the two molds into a medium-heated oven for thirty minutes or until the cake is completely cooked, after which we take the molds out of the oven and set them aside.
  • We remove the seeds from the vanilla stick with a thin knife, then put the seeds in a saucepan on the fire, add the strawberry jam, the chopped strawberries, the liquid sweet cream, in addition to the fine sugar and mix well until the ingredients mix with each other.
  • Put the first cake pan on a large serving plate, then decorate it with half the amount of the strawberry and cream mixture and distribute it well so that it covers all the cake.
  • We add the second cake mold over the cream and strawberry mixture, then add the remaining amount of the strawberry and cream mixture and distribute it well until it covers the cake completely.
  • Decorate the cake with powdered sugar, and serve alongside a cup of hot coffee, or a cup of hot tea.

Victoria cake method

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