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Thursday October 29, 2020

The USA solves Huawei’s biggest problems and allows it to buy processors

According to a recent report by Financial Times Huawei is now officially able to buy processors naturally, the new American decision allows manufacturers to sell processors to Huawei without problems, as long as these processors will not be used in the areas of the fifth generation in which Huawei is already working, and this of course because all the problems that happened to Huawei were Because of the suspicion of espionage for the benefit of the Chinese government.

Solve the problem of processors at Huawei by an American decision

According to the report, the US Department of Commerce used to not allow US companies – or those that use American technologies – to sell processors to Huawei, due to the ban on the latter due to suspicion of espionage, but at the present time the ministry began to allow companies to bypass this decision and sell processors to Huawei as long as These processors will not be used in the development of the infrastructure for the fifth generation networks, that is, the towers and advanced devices through which these networks are operated.

This step is undoubtedly a lifeline for Huawei, as the company will now be able to manufacture Kirin processors again in cooperation with manufacturers such as TSMC, while rumors in previous weeks were indicating that the new Kirin 9000 processor in the Mate 40 Pro will be Latest Kirin processors.

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The USA solves Huawei’s biggest problems and allows it to buy processors

It is reported that Huawei also obtained approval to buy OLED companies from Samsung in the previous days, and with this the company’s problems began to reach solutions slowly, but the biggest problem now is the loss of Google services and applications on its phones and the loss of natural Android support, since Google is still prohibited from cooperation with her!

So far, we do not know the exact course of this decision, but the previous days will reveal all the details to us for sure .. Follow us!

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