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Saturday January 16, 2021

The upcoming iPhone 13 will feature an integrated fingerprint reader in the screen.

According to a report Bloomberg Apple will include a fingerprint reader in its next iPhone, “iPhone 13,” to complete the set of improvements attached to its latest version with another new feature this time.

With regard to Apple, we see that it is the first smartphone manufacturer to adopt a fingerprint reader at the beginning of 7 years ago in the iPhone 5S version that the company launched in 2013; It was also the first to abandon technology with the iPhone X in 2017; And it only relies on Face ID technology.

However, during the past years, the company has not adopted the fingerprint reader built into the screen as an alternative to the home button fingerprint reader in the older iPhone. With its reliance on only very secure Face ID, the Corona pandemic and wearing the muzzle have caused the feature to not work normally until updates are dispatched.

From here it is possible to understand the rationale for the company’s return to the fingerprint reader in a new look, if you will. Where it will not come as a replacement for Face ID technology, but another safe and fast utility to unlock iPhone similar to the secret code as well.

And another report from the site stated that Apple has tested foldable screens with the fact that it does not have a clear plan to produce this category “foldable iPhone” currently; And it is still away from entering this market for several years at least. Although Samsung has significantly advanced in the foldable phones category, followed by Huawei and Motorola.

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