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Tuesday January 26, 2021

The upcoming iOS 14.4 update will alert you if the iPhone’s camera is not original!

If your iPhone’s camera has suffered any damage and you have it repaired at a service center that replaced it with a non-original camera, the upcoming iOS 14.4 update will alert you.

The text of the message will be: “Unable to verify that this iPhone has the original Apple camera,” a message similar to the one that appears when there is a non-original screen on the iPhone.

The message will appear when you go to Settings> General> About device. It can also appear as a notification on the lock screen for a short time.

Will the non-original camera stop working?

Most likely the camera will not stop working. When similar messages appeared about the non-original screen or the non-original battery, neither of them stopped working except for the Battery Health feature in the system.

The message will be routine, and the goal is to direct the user to go to one of the Apple repair centers or authorized dealers in order to obtain original spare parts.

Previously, the iFixit website, which specializes in smartphone repairs, stated that Apple certified maintenance engineers have a specific application designed to verify components after the screen and camera repair process, and the failure of this step may lead to the camera freezing or not responding for a short period of time.

If there is any damage to the iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, you should always make sure to go to the approved maintenance centers in your geographical area to ensure the presence of original spare parts and the safety of the rest of the components of the device as well as for security considerations.

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The iOS 14.4 update is currently still in beta mode and it will come with other important advantages such as the Do Not Track feature, which has caused a lot of controversy. The update is expected to be launched soon.

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