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Thursday November 26, 2020

The United Nations warns of repeated mistakes in fight against AIDS in dealing with Corona vaccines

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) said today, Thursday, that absence of AIDS treatment in poorest countries should be a lesson as countries try to secure vaccines against Coronavirus.
“The world must learn from mistakes of responding to HIV, when millions died in developing countries while awaiting treatment,” UN program said in a statement from Geneva.

The program added, “There are promising vaccines against Corona that continue to appear, but we must make sure that y are not exclusive to rich.”

The program urged pharmaceutical companies to share ir technologies and waive intellectual property rights to allow global mass production of vaccines necessary to protect world’s population from Corona virus.

The program revealed in its annual report, which it published before “World AIDS Day”, which falls on December 1, that 12 million people living with HIV were unable to access lifesaving drugs last year.

The program said that pressure on health services amid Corona pandemic could lead to 293,000 additional HIV infections and up to 148,000 additional AIDS deaths, until 2022.

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