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Thursday October 1, 2020

The UAE ambassador in Washington acknowledges the tyranny of the country’s ruling system


Al-Otaiba justified the authoritarian tendency in his country with an ironic theory, asserting in an interview with a pro-Israel magazine called “Israel Insider” that the authoritarian monarchy is more sensitive to public opinion, because it is … patriarchal.

Al-Otaiba said: “Many people always think that we do not pay attention to public opinion inside the Emirates because we are not a democratic state, but in reality we are quite the opposite, because we are not a democracy. We must be very consistent with what our people want and what the street feels, and they wanted People really do that, ”referring to the normalization agreement with the Israeli occupation entity, which broad segments of the Emirati society expressed their opposition despite Al-Otaiba’s allegations.

Al-Otaiba claimed that citizens in his country were enthusiastic about the process of normalization, and he said, “This is not something that you impose against the popular will.”

Al-Otaiba added, “When any country has to make such a decision, it must balance a variety of domestic issues, including the economic issue and benefits.”

Many American analysts pointed out that “Israel” is looking for rich friends and allies in the Gulf countries who are absolutely not interested in democracy, and there is no doubt that the notorious normalization deals with the UAE and Bahrain have achieved huge gains for the Hebrew state without offering anything in return.

And human rights sources have previously revealed secret arrests by the ruling regime in the UAE during the last hours, against the backdrop of opposition to the disgrace of normalization agreement between Abu Dhabi and “Israel”.

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The sources told “Emirates Leaks” that the arrests targeted Emirati citizens who spoke in private councils and participated in social media positions against the disgrace of normalization agreement.

The sources added that the arrests also targeted dozens of Arabs, especially Palestinians and Jordanians, after they expressed their dissatisfaction with Abu Dhabi’s involvement in the plot to liquidate the Palestinian cause and normalize with “Israel”.

According to the sources, the State Security Agency has mobilized its security cells since the shameful agreement of normalization was announced with “Israel” in order to monitor any criticism attempt within the UAE, whether in private councils or through social media, with the aim of suppressing it immediately and imposing a state of prior terror to prevent any protests.

This comes as Emirati opposition figures residing outside the country confirmed that the disgrace agreement of normalization with “Israel” is “a betrayal of the nation and the people,” noting that normalization with the Israeli occupation “is a stain on the regime’s face.”

The Emirati people have always emphasized their position and internal and external constants, foremost of which is the rejection of normalization and support for the Palestinian cause, as this constant was always and present in all conferences and statements of the Emirates even a decade ago.

This is confirmed by an opinion poll conducted by The Washington Institute, in which it confirmed that 80% of the Emiratis are not with the establishment of relations between their country and Israel, and that they do not agree with the statement “that whoever wants the people to have work relations or sports ties with the Israelis should be allowed So ”.

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Therefore, this step comes after the absence of the voices of the Emiratis, and the arrest of a large number of Emirati activists and intellectuals who follow the Palestinian issue and who carry the Palestinian cause, as Emiratis do not accept the foreign body in the nation’s body, and no matter how late the time is, they will rise to confront the normalization of the authorities.

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