The city of Dalaman, Turkey

Dalaman is considered one of the distinguished tourist cities in Turkey. It is located in the southwest of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered within the Mugla Province. Its population, according to the 2012 statistics, is estimated at 487,770 people. It is close to many other tourist cities such as: Marmaris, which is about 90 km away, Bodrum 198 km, Dalyan 23 km, and Kalkan 120 km. The city of Dalaman is approximately 826 km away from the capital, Istanbul.

The city of Dalaman includes one of the most famous international airports serving the southern Turkish region, which is Dalaman International Airport. The airport contains two buildings: the first is the old building, which serves domestic flights. This airport connects tourists with Ataturk Airports and Istanbul Sabiha Airport, and one trip between them takes a short period of time, not exceeding hour. As for the new building, it serves foreign flights on an international level, and this airport has become equipped to serve more than 120 tourist destinations around the world. It connects southern Turkey with Europe, North Africa and the Middle East countries.

The Turkish Dalaman River is one of the most prominent tourist attractions that nearly 20,000 tourists visit annually, where they practice the enthusiastic sport of rowing by boat, which is very popular among tourists. Approximately, where Turkish and foreign tourists are transported by equipped tourist cars to the starting point in the Narli region to practice their enjoyable hobby of rafting, which usually requires high flowing rivers, and the supervisors of the area give the tourists the necessary initial instructions to practice rafting in the Dalaman River . A water dam was built in the area in 2011 on the banks of the Dalaman River, and many hydroelectric power stations obstructed most of the rafting paths in the river, which affected the number of tourists recently.

Dalaman Festivals

In the month of May every year, the city of Dalaman organizes many festivals and celebrations in which visitors and Arab and foreign tourists are presented with a range of special activities to entertain and add to the atmosphere of pleasure in the place, including these festivals:

  • Dalaman Tourism and Culture Festival.
  • The Segla Festival, which is attended by thousands of tourists annually, and its performances last for several days.

Monuments in Dalaman

The city of Dalaman contains ancient settlements that are considered one of the most beautiful historical sites in the region. These archaeological sites tell the history of the region accurately. Tourists can also see metal pieces, ancient tombs, and see the ancient artifacts of the ancient city of Dalaman.

The city of Dalaman, Turkey

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