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Saturday January 16, 2021

The Trump administration includes Xiaomi in the blacklist

The administration of former US President Trump has classified Xiaomi as one of the companies that pose a security threat to the United States, which led to the transfer of Xiaomi to the blacklist.

The Trump administration has made suggestions to Xiaomi’s investors to withdraw from the company by the end of this year, after Xiaomi joined the blacklist recently.

The US administration has indicated that Xiaomi is one of the Communist military companies, and therefore it is considered one of the companies listed on Trump’s list, which includes the Chinese companies that were indicated as financing communism.

This rating comes after the US administration finished restricting Huawei, which occupied the highest rating in phone manufacturers before the ban, and again the US administration starts with Xiaomi, which occupies the third place among the phone manufacturers in the world.

It is noteworthy that some expectations indicate that the administration of the new US president, “Biden”, may tend to cancel this decision. Unlike Huawei, which develops the infrastructure for communications networks, Xiaomi does not belong to other industrial companies that may pose a threat to the United States.


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