The Top Six European Destinations with the Most Sunshine to Visit Currently

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Looking for a sunny spring vacation in Europe? GuestReady, AirBnB’s management company, has done some research and come up with a list of the top six sunniest European destinations to visit this spring.

Murcia, Spain tops the list with an impressive 346 hours of sunshine on average per month. Along with sunny skies, Murcia offers the Cathedral of Murcia and Monteagudo Castle for visitors to explore.

Coming in second is Valletta, Malta with 299 hours of sunshine on average per month. This picturesque city offers stunning views, historical landmarks, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine to enjoy under the sun.

Naples, Italy takes third place with 292 hours of sunshine on average per month. Known for its picturesque coastlines and delicious pizza, Naples has much to offer visitors in the springtime.

Fourth on the list is Seville, Spain with 291 hours of sunshine on average per month. This city boasts historic landmarks, colorful neighborhoods, and delicious tapas to enjoy under the sunny skies.

Fifth is Athens, Greece with 281 hours of sunshine on average per month. Of course, visitors can take in the ancient ruins of Athens but also enjoy the warm weather while relaxing on the beaches surrounding the city.

Rounding out the top six is Lisbon, Portugal with 275 hours of sunshine on average per month. The capital of Portugal is known for its colorful buildings, winding streets, and delicious seafood cuisine.

Although traveling in spring may mean cooler temperatures compared to the summer months, these six destinations offer plenty of sunshine and warm weather to enjoy while exploring all they have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the sunniest city in Europe during spring?
– According to GuestReady’s research, Murcia, Spain is the sunniest city in Europe during the spring with an average of 346 hours of sunshine per month.

2. Is spring a good time to travel to Europe for sunny weather?
– While the summer months are known for their hot and sunny weather, traveling to Europe in the spring can offer plenty of sunny days with less crowds.

3. What are some other popular spring destinations in Europe?
– Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin are popular spring destinations in Europe for their pleasant weather and springtime festivals.

4. What should I pack for a springtime trip to Europe?
– It’s best to pack layers for a springtime trip to Europe as temperatures can vary throughout the day. Additionally, packing a raincoat or umbrella is always a good idea as spring can be a rainy season in some parts of Europe.

5. Are there any special events or festivals to check out during the spring in Europe?
– Yes, the Carnival of Venice, King’s Day in Amsterdam, and St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin are just some of the many festivals and events to enjoy throughout Europe in the springtime.