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Beautiful spinning words

  • I love you, fiddler, you are the one who ashamed the moon with its beauty, you are the melody of eternity, you are a flower of the wilderness that smelt its perfume, you are mine with all the roses, you are the one who dwells in the sea in his eyes, you are a heart with love that prospers, I love you because you, and whoever else in the heart prevails.
  • My love, here are the lines of the letters of love from the blood of the heart, my love, you are the one who blew up all the energies of creativity in me, so I became creative with you, and for you I am creative, my love, I have achieved everything I aspire to, and I have overcome the difficulties and reached the impossible because of your love for me, the moments of love, are the moments that are immortal In our minds, and it carries all the meanings of happiness, so do not regret a moment of love that you lived, even if it becomes a memory that hurts you; If the flower has dried up, its fragrance is lost, and nothing remains of it but the thorns, do not forget that it gave you a beautiful perfume that made you happy.
  • If a million loves you, I am with them, and if one loves you, it is me, and if no one loves you; Know that I am dead.
  • I light the candles of love, I send you my longings, and I write to the address; For your eyes, I long for you.
  • I love you with all the meaning of this word, I love you with all the feeling that longs to see you, I love you with all the longing to hear your voice, I love you with all the musical notes in it, I love you with all the trouble this word hides, I say it to you alone, and I don’t want to hear it from anyone but you, no matter what. I said I did not feel it, as I felt it with you, you are love and feeling, who taught me how to feel, that my heartbeat did not beat except for your love, and I did not hear my heartbeat except while I was with you, after all this they ask me, why do I love you with all this love, I wish they knew Now, they hear my heartbeat calling for you, feel it and know how much I love you and miss you.
  • You who stole my soul from me and snatched my heart out of my ribs; But I put you in his place, the throbbing of your breath, you are the air that I breathe, if the air was cut off from my chest, I would live breathing your love, my love, I miss you as the stars yearn for the moon, I miss the tone of your voice, I miss hearing the letters of my name dancing between your lips, I miss hearing your laughter, your madness, your words I miss your love, I miss your letters, I miss the warmth of your embrace, I miss hearing your heartbeat, I miss every whisper of your whispers, but every atom in your being.
  • I thought that I would give you my life, and I found out that it is yours, so I wanted to give you my heart, so I found it your home, as for my eyes, excuse me, for they are the way to my hope, but I will give you what most people cannot do.
  • I will continue to love you until love ceases to exist, or I am finished and your love remains on my grave and roses.
  • You are beauty, its crown, you are the moon and its lamp, and you are what I need.
  • I love you and understand your circumstances, and my eyes want to see you, I love you even if you distance me, and the fire of longing is my formation.
  • I love you, I do not realize any meaning in life except that love, I adore you, do not sway in myself except for the breezes of longing, I realize after me and feel your distance, I realize my proximity and feel your closeness, I have nothing in the world but you and you have no one but me, if I live, there is no judge for you, and if I die, that is my destiny .
  • I gave you my love, my love, inside my heart and my depths, I gave you my love and my longing, and I gave you my trust that I did not give to anyone, I handed you my heart and my soul and became a prisoner of your eyes, those eyes that threw me into a sea I don’t know its decision, your features were drawn on my face, and everyone saw you in my eyes, and your love became in me My blood, tell me, my love, is this love or love for your eyes, I love you and only, and between I love you and only; Another love that never ends.
  • I loved you so much that when you are gone, everything goes with you.
  • To you, who loved you with the heart, to you, whose eyes contained you, to you, for whom I live, to you, who pursued me, to you who I see your image everywhere in my books, in my dreams, in my awakening, to you, who trembles with my love, My love, I miss seeing you only when your name is mentioned.
  • O the first heart I loved, and the last heart I desire, O the purest face in the world, and the best that my eyes have seen.
  • The goat is nostalgia, nostalgia is love, love is life, life is a heart, the heart is you.
  • I miss you, believe me, I long to see you and meet you, all faces and eyes without you are boring.

Beautiful spinning phrases

  • All my wishes in the new year are that God brings us together.
  • Every year you are a coincidence that differs from the rest of the coincidences, O blessing from the seventh heaven.
  • A year in which I loved you madly will come to an end, and a new year will begin in which I adore you even more.
  • I do not like my day except with you, and my times are not happy without you.
  • I love you to an indescribable limit.
  • Talk to me and make me happy.
  • Its proximity makes me suffice with everything.
  • We will remain young with love, even if gray hairs appear and we grow old.
  • I only love you in a way that those who tell you in false ways do not understand I only keep you in my mind and heart and they all keep you in their conversations in front of you.
  • I planted you in my veins and named you the look of my eyes and I gave you all my feelings and said that you are my family and my people.

strong spinning words

  • If in this situation there is pleasure other than loyalty to the friend and his love, then know that people have lost their path in it and honesty has died in its prime.
  • If I count my days with you in a minute, my friend, you will be upset with me for the seconds.
  • If the stars were talking, I would send with each star a word I love you.
  • A tear sheds, a candle is extinguished, and life disappears without you, and without you my heart ends.
  • A longing army is heading to you, and the loving forces have taken control of you, for love is in exchange for peace.
  • The most wonderful of hearts is your heart, the most beautiful words are your whispers, and the sweetest thing in my life is your love.
  • People live, die, laugh and cry, some give up, some still try, some say hello, others say goodbye, others may forget you, but I cannot forget you.
  • I shed a tear in an ocean, if they can get it, I promise you will be forgotten.
  • The greatest pride for the sky is that you are its moon, the greatest pride for love is that you know it, and the biggest pride for me is that you are my lover.
  • If you bring a sword to kill me, be careful not to cut yourself, and you will hurt me.
  • I am proud that you are my love, and that you are true love, it is enough that when I remember you, I forget my sorrows and my distress.
  • With my eyes you are the light, and in my heart I will remain your love, and for my wounds you are the medicine, and for all my life I will never forget you.
  • I’m waiting for the moment I look for your chest to hold my head.
  • He witnesses love and its balance, and all the roses and their colors, if love has a title, you, my life, have its title.

The most beautiful words of spinning

  • I love you not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
  • My love, the light of my eyes and my life, O you who possessed my life, for your eyes I loved passion, and for your eyes I loved passion, and for your eyes I will become a woman.
  • I love you my love and everything in you I love, even the steps of your feet I miss it, I long to walk near you, I need to dance with you an eternal dance that does not escape from your hands, I long for you to hold me deeply, like the sea that contains pearls I want you to kill me with love and drown me with love O sea.
  • Love is a woman and a man and deprivation.
  • We knew love and its secrets, and we wrote its most beautiful poems, and sang on its strings, and melted with love melodies, we forgot all our pains, and we were only two, and longings bring us together without abandonment and without deprivation.

The sweetest words of spinning

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